Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Talk Back in Times

Wanna share some random photos taken not long after I got my LX3.

Pictures taken in a rubber estate during my time at my auntie's house somewhere northern part of Melaka. My grandfather came from that part. He was a poor guy. Our family was big. In order to feed so many mouth, my uncles and aunties have to neglect their studies for work.

But that was the time when rubber tapping still can feed the whole family. My aunties would usually woke up early in the morning to cook and work in the rubber estates. My uncles on the other hand, would cycle to them bringing them freshly prepared hot food by my 3rd aunty who cared for the family. Yup. My grandmother wasn't there already at that time. My grandfather have to feed the whole family single handedly.

But well, not exactly single handedly. He still has his brothers and cousins. Relationship were very close between the families. And everybody stays together at that time. Now, all the family had separated and live with their own family and some even have their own grandson and grand daughter.

Nevertheless, we still keep in touch. We still visit each others during those festival and celebration period. We still often have our reunion dinner.

So what do you think about the photos?


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Figure - Yotsuba

It's Spring now! It's time to for Hanami! Time to sit by a river, gazing at the skies, mesmerizing at the flowers, drinking. But in Malaysia, there's nothing more but the usual dry and humid season.

However, we know that this kind of season is good for... insect-napping!

And here we go for bugs catching!

Yotsuba arrived around March. Right about the time for catching bugs, go fishing and picnic. Maybe go for easter egg hunting too! ^.^

It's actually quite an old figma. Released by Revoltech. The joints are actually different from thos released by Max Fatories. But nevertheless, it's a cool figma.

Everytime I watch her, it's always feel like sunny day. Whenever I see her face, all my dark clouds all gone. ^.^

It came with 4 different faces, a bag, a hat, a smaller sling bag, and a few pairs of hands. Though you can't change her clothes. ^.^;;

In order to attach the bags on her shoulder, first I would have to detach the lower part of the body to make it shorter. Otherwise, the bag's handle couldn't cross over the body.

The figma stands that come with it is also kind of different from the usuals. It does not use plug in hole to hold the figma. Instead, you just put it on rest reclining to the small stand.

Yotsuba! Let's go camping! Yeah!

To change the face, first have to take down the hair part. Then you pull out the face and substitute with the other one. Quite similar to my other usual figmas. Just that, her face are much bigger~ and flatter.

Yosh~! Hat? Checked. Bag? Checked. Ice Cream? Checked. Okay ikemashou! Yo!

Yotsuba is a much simple figma. But it reflects our daily simple lifes. ^.^ We half cities boys don't usually get to enjoy village lifestyles. And we certainly don't usually get to play catch the criket or swim by the river. Most of the cities kids lifestyle now are computer games or game console.

Alright time to say bye bye Yotsuba. Let's go for vacation. ^.^

Below Video Clips from Clannad After Story whereby Ushio asked Tomoya to go for a trip. ^.^


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Orange Day Video

You only know Valentine's Day but you seldom heard of White Day. Then you sure won't know what's an orange day. ^.^

I did cover previously about those few celebrations. About girls giving chocolates during Valentines. Guys returned the favour during White Days. And then today, on the 14th of April, both guys and girls confirm their love by exchanging oranges or orange-coloured gifts. Another reason to spend more moneys! If not... watch the video! *grin*

Happy Orange Days.


Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Trishawman

Many had came to Melaka before. Many had not too! Melaka which had co-obtained World Heritage Status with Penang in the not-so-long-ago had been flooded by tourists from all over the world. So do you know what's famous in Melaka? Today I'm gonna introduce you to one of our local "delicacies".

I still remember the last time I ride a trishaw was when I was very small that time. I rode with my mum to get over a few blocks and it just cost us like 30sens? But now, to sit on it, you would need to fork out RM5 per seat! No thanks to the commercialized tourist industry. But we also must forgive them right, because they also need to feed a family.

Here's this guy is trying to go further. He's going to ride his Beca to connect both the Unesco-acknowledged historical cities to raise money for charity purposes. The trip will take him about 3 hours making a number of pitstops on the way. This is a historical event as this is the fastest land journey ever planned. A car would usually take about 8 hours to reach Penang from Melaka, a train would also only able to complete such journey 2 hours earlier. However, Frankie is going to complete it less than a quarter of the time! The secret?

He's using this big Thrisaw!!!

This post is meant for humour. However the actual event is going to be held on the 6th of June. Do support the event for charity purpose and visit for more info. ^.^


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm being atttacked by an Tripod Alien

One fine day while I was busy blogging with my laptop and watching anime, suddenly a mail just drop by our house. It came in rectangular white box that looks like this.

I was curious so I picked it up. It was quite light. I turn it around trying to figure out what could it be. But there's no indication what the content would be. It does looks like a tube containing antrax. Or a small nuke. But I definately don't have the tools or machine to check for bioharzard materials.

Figuring that I don't have much enemy who would hate me till they would care to send such lethal stuffs (or the ability to obtain such materials), I decided to brave myself and open it up. Inside contains a thin black bag with a strap. I can felt inside they are some something metalic. But it's light.

I open up the bag and took out something like this. It looks like a miniature Hubo Telescope landed on earth, prepacked and mailed to my house. I was wondering why on earth somebody send me a satellite when even we don't watch astro had been cut off. Is this the new gadget that connect to the internet with high bandwidth? I ponder...

Suddenly, the thing started to move. I jumped up and stand straight right in front of me. It looks like it had three feet and a head. The legs opened up in three ways and the thing stand still. It seems like it's receiving some signals out from the room, from my house, out of nowhere. At this time I was already worried. What is happening. Did somebody made a robot and send it to assassinate me?

While I was thinking, the thing started to move again. This time the leg grew taller. It became 2 section. It seems like thinner legs had grown out from the initial ones.

It continue to grow some more from 2 section became 3 sections. The legs getting thinner and thineer.

Finally it grew this tall. As tall as the level of my chest. It then stopped. There were some beeping sounds caming from it. But nothing happend for awhile.

After the beeping sound end, it grew again. This time it's not the leg but the head part. It seems like this thingy got a long neck! It seems like it sensor had detected that its current size is still shorter than me and grew its neck to compensate iit. It tried to reach above my head but at last it can only strech up to my shoulder level.

I was standing there grinning. Thinking that "so you can grow that fast. But no matter how you still can't grow taller than me". Then all of a sudden, the head started to squek. And there's a rattling sound follow. Bullets was flying everywhere the next minute. I quickly take cover.

When I jump to the side, the head also followed. It's actually aiming at me. I ran up and down evading the bullets. It was stunning that I could do all the summer sault just like Jackie Chan jumping here and there. For a few times the bullets nearly grazed me but I was lucky.

Finally, I end up on top of that thing. The thing couldn't turn its head up on me and it seems like it had finished its ammos. I thought I was finally save and relieved.

But instead, the thing threw a part of its head off. It landed on the floor. On closer look, there seems to be a screw key turning. I only there are only a few things in this world that have this screw key. One, you can find this in your normal daily alarm clock where you have to tighten the spring in order for it to function. Two, it's a time bomb!

Oh my god! I'm sure this is definately not an alarm clock. So it must be a time bomb. When I over turn it, the screw is unwinding and there's little time left. My room's gonna blow up! What should I do? Suddenly, Bugs Bunny came to my mind. I remember watching the looney toons cartoon whereby Bugs will always throw back the bomb that he was thrown at.

And so I did. I tell the thing. "Eat Sheet, You Bouzou!" Stucking the time bomb right back at it.

The thing squeek and the continue to buzz. There was air bubble coming out from its fuel tank.

And finally, the whole thing go bust! Kaboom! And I thought, this is finally over. Yeah finally defeated some crazy thing that invaded my house.

How did I know, suddenly something black popped out from it. It was a miniature tripod! This time it walks! And it was squeking and walking towards me like and octopus who was fished out of sea running to attack its captor.

"You got Owned! Arghhhh!!!!!"

Bump! Ouch! What hit my head? >.<" As I opened my eyes... It was...


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Last Musketeer - Hayate

The day had finally arrived. After months of patients; after months of hardship. Finally, the last musketeer step into my doorsteps. She's smart. She's pretty. She's kind and powerful. She's non other then Hayate!

She arrived together with Feito the other day. Since I missed the previous figure release which cost RM386, roughly the price of my head and I've already got Nanoha-chan, I decided I must get this. If not, I won't have a complete set. Besides, Hayate is my favourite of the three, so it is damn right to get it, no? ^.^

The set comes with a cross wand, a pair of wings, 2 books whereby one open and another close, Hayate's hat, a fierce face, a hair set and a set of hands. Not really much compare to Fate's but I prefer it since, you don't have to carry so many things around.

Hayate is an ancient magic user. Unlike Fate who's more toward offensive and Nanoha who's an all rounder, Hayate is a spellcaster. She owns a book that can replicate all the best magic in the world, aka the Book of Darkness. But its actual name is Reinforce Zwei! A cute little blue faery who's also as powerful as Hayate herself. ^.^

According to the story, Hayate actually has a few guardian with her. And each guardian has their own specialty, Signum who's the master of knighthood, Vita the hot-blooded Viking, Shamal the kind priestess and Zafira the loyal blood critter. If you look at it, it's actually a complete team with both offense and defense as well as support.

Yes I know I watch too much animes and getting childisher everytime. So I will not write a review about the Nanoha Trilogy here. Instead, I would just take more photoshots and let you get impressed with my new camera? ^.^

While playing with her, I noticed that the hand doesn't really hold the book properly as illustrated in the box. They did not make any hand grip or something that fit the hand nicely with the book. Instead the book is just balance on an open arm. So what I did was, I change the hand to a curving one and use the closed book. As you can see in the photo, I try to use the arm to clinche the book uner her armpit. ^.^;; Lucky she don't sweat.

Another reason I liked about Hayate is her vabriante uniform. As you can see, the uniform is in the combination colour of dark blue (my favourite colour) and white (also my 2nd favourite colour) with golden yellow outlines (my third favourite colour) giving a striking look. She even wore a cute fluffy hat. I don't really take note of her wings though. But since it comes with it, I just put on it to make it grander. ^.^

And here you go, the three infamous musketeers. ^.^ From left, Nanoha, Hayate and Fate. I don't actually can considered that I've collected all, since there are more characters yet to be out in the market. Rather, I would say that I've actually collected the three SSS class mages. ^.^ Unfortunately it doesn't work like Dragonball whereby upon complete of collections, I can summon a dragon who will grant me a wish. In this case, even all three of them are mages, they couldn't grant me any wish!! >.<"
Eh chotto~! Since when did Kyuoka came out?! She's not in the team is she?! >.<"


Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dynasty Bread & Snack

Recently friend had been keep on asking me out for a drink at night. We've been trying quite a number of coffee house around town. Might be sharing some experience dining in of and on. As of now, I'm just going to talk about some snacks I had in during my "Talk Kok" session in Dynasty.

Since that time I just had my dinner not long but my mouth is still itchy and scratching won't works, I decided to ordered a margarine toast bread worth RM0.50. The margarine was rich enough and the bread was soft. Did I say soft?! I thought I ordered a toasted bread? Yeah, the bread wasn't toasted enough.

In no time, I finished it. After some chat, my mouth felt itchy again, so I ordered another toast bread. This time, I specifically ordered it to be toasted more. What i expect it was it would be alittle bit brown in the bottom part. Instead.... turned out to be the same. =.=" I remember last time when I was in my uncle's place where they use the old school method, toast the bread with charcoal to golden brown. Then after that swipe with a layer of kaya and sugared margarine. I really love them at that time.

But this time, I'm eating my bread with assorted egg. Assorted not as in chicken egg + duck egg + ostrich egg. But, assorted as in there's ham, hotdog, onions and garlic inside. Everything was put into the egg, beaten and fried on a hot plate. It tasted good!

My friend ordered a plate of western food. It came with 2 slice of orange, mayonased salad, some frieds and its main course, grilled chicken? The plate was litter ally too big which makes the food so unsorted/undecorated.

But according to my friend, it's good. The price came up not too expensive too.

I ordered a Cold Lychee White Fungus for desert. The pot/mug/container came on top of a plate filled with ice. It seems that they put the pot on the glass plate first before filling it up with water. After that they let it freeze. When customer like me ordered, they would then only take it out, pour in the fruits drink and serves.

I don't actually like to drink or eat this way because when you top up your plates to eat, they say that you're topping up your debts. And it seems like I've been in debts way long.... But since this kind of serving is quite different from your normal food, I guess I will just let it go and just enjoy the dessert.

Inside, there's too many white fungus. They were generous in that but stingy in their lychee. I only got 2. I finish the fungus and the water first before I took the lychees. It was cooling though, and it's not that sweet.

While eating and chatting, I also took out my LX3 to shoot of course. Was playing with the aperture priority mode again. Since it was at night and the lightings weren't bright enough. Decided to "buka lubang besar besar" to shoot~ *grin*

The panda is cute! Half submerged in the ice. Will he turn from a panda bear become a pollar bear? ^.^" I wonder where did the owner got this kind of pot. In fact, most of the dining plates that they serve are very unique and looks very authentic.

After taking the food and shooting, I only realized that I had not taken any picture of the interior. But at that time, we were about to leave. Maybe will come over and take again some other time. Overall the food's good and the price is reasonable.

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