Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm being atttacked by an Tripod Alien

One fine day while I was busy blogging with my laptop and watching anime, suddenly a mail just drop by our house. It came in rectangular white box that looks like this.

I was curious so I picked it up. It was quite light. I turn it around trying to figure out what could it be. But there's no indication what the content would be. It does looks like a tube containing antrax. Or a small nuke. But I definately don't have the tools or machine to check for bioharzard materials.

Figuring that I don't have much enemy who would hate me till they would care to send such lethal stuffs (or the ability to obtain such materials), I decided to brave myself and open it up. Inside contains a thin black bag with a strap. I can felt inside they are some something metalic. But it's light.

I open up the bag and took out something like this. It looks like a miniature Hubo Telescope landed on earth, prepacked and mailed to my house. I was wondering why on earth somebody send me a satellite when even we don't watch astro had been cut off. Is this the new gadget that connect to the internet with high bandwidth? I ponder...

Suddenly, the thing started to move. I jumped up and stand straight right in front of me. It looks like it had three feet and a head. The legs opened up in three ways and the thing stand still. It seems like it's receiving some signals out from the room, from my house, out of nowhere. At this time I was already worried. What is happening. Did somebody made a robot and send it to assassinate me?

While I was thinking, the thing started to move again. This time the leg grew taller. It became 2 section. It seems like thinner legs had grown out from the initial ones.

It continue to grow some more from 2 section became 3 sections. The legs getting thinner and thineer.

Finally it grew this tall. As tall as the level of my chest. It then stopped. There were some beeping sounds caming from it. But nothing happend for awhile.

After the beeping sound end, it grew again. This time it's not the leg but the head part. It seems like this thingy got a long neck! It seems like it sensor had detected that its current size is still shorter than me and grew its neck to compensate iit. It tried to reach above my head but at last it can only strech up to my shoulder level.

I was standing there grinning. Thinking that "so you can grow that fast. But no matter how you still can't grow taller than me". Then all of a sudden, the head started to squek. And there's a rattling sound follow. Bullets was flying everywhere the next minute. I quickly take cover.

When I jump to the side, the head also followed. It's actually aiming at me. I ran up and down evading the bullets. It was stunning that I could do all the summer sault just like Jackie Chan jumping here and there. For a few times the bullets nearly grazed me but I was lucky.

Finally, I end up on top of that thing. The thing couldn't turn its head up on me and it seems like it had finished its ammos. I thought I was finally save and relieved.

But instead, the thing threw a part of its head off. It landed on the floor. On closer look, there seems to be a screw key turning. I only there are only a few things in this world that have this screw key. One, you can find this in your normal daily alarm clock where you have to tighten the spring in order for it to function. Two, it's a time bomb!

Oh my god! I'm sure this is definately not an alarm clock. So it must be a time bomb. When I over turn it, the screw is unwinding and there's little time left. My room's gonna blow up! What should I do? Suddenly, Bugs Bunny came to my mind. I remember watching the looney toons cartoon whereby Bugs will always throw back the bomb that he was thrown at.

And so I did. I tell the thing. "Eat Sheet, You Bouzou!" Stucking the time bomb right back at it.

The thing squeek and the continue to buzz. There was air bubble coming out from its fuel tank.

And finally, the whole thing go bust! Kaboom! And I thought, this is finally over. Yeah finally defeated some crazy thing that invaded my house.

How did I know, suddenly something black popped out from it. It was a miniature tripod! This time it walks! And it was squeking and walking towards me like and octopus who was fished out of sea running to attack its captor.

"You got Owned! Arghhhh!!!!!"

Bump! Ouch! What hit my head? >.<" As I opened my eyes... It was...

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