Tuesday, April 7, 2009

The Last Musketeer - Hayate

The day had finally arrived. After months of patients; after months of hardship. Finally, the last musketeer step into my doorsteps. She's smart. She's pretty. She's kind and powerful. She's non other then Hayate!

She arrived together with Feito the other day. Since I missed the previous figure release which cost RM386, roughly the price of my head and I've already got Nanoha-chan, I decided I must get this. If not, I won't have a complete set. Besides, Hayate is my favourite of the three, so it is damn right to get it, no? ^.^

The set comes with a cross wand, a pair of wings, 2 books whereby one open and another close, Hayate's hat, a fierce face, a hair set and a set of hands. Not really much compare to Fate's but I prefer it since, you don't have to carry so many things around.

Hayate is an ancient magic user. Unlike Fate who's more toward offensive and Nanoha who's an all rounder, Hayate is a spellcaster. She owns a book that can replicate all the best magic in the world, aka the Book of Darkness. But its actual name is Reinforce Zwei! A cute little blue faery who's also as powerful as Hayate herself. ^.^

According to the story, Hayate actually has a few guardian with her. And each guardian has their own specialty, Signum who's the master of knighthood, Vita the hot-blooded Viking, Shamal the kind priestess and Zafira the loyal blood critter. If you look at it, it's actually a complete team with both offense and defense as well as support.

Yes I know I watch too much animes and getting childisher everytime. So I will not write a review about the Nanoha Trilogy here. Instead, I would just take more photoshots and let you get impressed with my new camera? ^.^

While playing with her, I noticed that the hand doesn't really hold the book properly as illustrated in the box. They did not make any hand grip or something that fit the hand nicely with the book. Instead the book is just balance on an open arm. So what I did was, I change the hand to a curving one and use the closed book. As you can see in the photo, I try to use the arm to clinche the book uner her armpit. ^.^;; Lucky she don't sweat.

Another reason I liked about Hayate is her vabriante uniform. As you can see, the uniform is in the combination colour of dark blue (my favourite colour) and white (also my 2nd favourite colour) with golden yellow outlines (my third favourite colour) giving a striking look. She even wore a cute fluffy hat. I don't really take note of her wings though. But since it comes with it, I just put on it to make it grander. ^.^

And here you go, the three infamous musketeers. ^.^ From left, Nanoha, Hayate and Fate. I don't actually can considered that I've collected all, since there are more characters yet to be out in the market. Rather, I would say that I've actually collected the three SSS class mages. ^.^ Unfortunately it doesn't work like Dragonball whereby upon complete of collections, I can summon a dragon who will grant me a wish. In this case, even all three of them are mages, they couldn't grant me any wish!! >.<"
Eh chotto~! Since when did Kyuoka came out?! She's not in the team is she?! >.<"

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