Thursday, April 16, 2009

Spring Figure - Yotsuba

It's Spring now! It's time to for Hanami! Time to sit by a river, gazing at the skies, mesmerizing at the flowers, drinking. But in Malaysia, there's nothing more but the usual dry and humid season.

However, we know that this kind of season is good for... insect-napping!

And here we go for bugs catching!

Yotsuba arrived around March. Right about the time for catching bugs, go fishing and picnic. Maybe go for easter egg hunting too! ^.^

It's actually quite an old figma. Released by Revoltech. The joints are actually different from thos released by Max Fatories. But nevertheless, it's a cool figma.

Everytime I watch her, it's always feel like sunny day. Whenever I see her face, all my dark clouds all gone. ^.^

It came with 4 different faces, a bag, a hat, a smaller sling bag, and a few pairs of hands. Though you can't change her clothes. ^.^;;

In order to attach the bags on her shoulder, first I would have to detach the lower part of the body to make it shorter. Otherwise, the bag's handle couldn't cross over the body.

The figma stands that come with it is also kind of different from the usuals. It does not use plug in hole to hold the figma. Instead, you just put it on rest reclining to the small stand.

Yotsuba! Let's go camping! Yeah!

To change the face, first have to take down the hair part. Then you pull out the face and substitute with the other one. Quite similar to my other usual figmas. Just that, her face are much bigger~ and flatter.

Yosh~! Hat? Checked. Bag? Checked. Ice Cream? Checked. Okay ikemashou! Yo!

Yotsuba is a much simple figma. But it reflects our daily simple lifes. ^.^ We half cities boys don't usually get to enjoy village lifestyles. And we certainly don't usually get to play catch the criket or swim by the river. Most of the cities kids lifestyle now are computer games or game console.

Alright time to say bye bye Yotsuba. Let's go for vacation. ^.^

Below Video Clips from Clannad After Story whereby Ushio asked Tomoya to go for a trip. ^.^

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