Sunday, April 12, 2009

The Trishawman

Many had came to Melaka before. Many had not too! Melaka which had co-obtained World Heritage Status with Penang in the not-so-long-ago had been flooded by tourists from all over the world. So do you know what's famous in Melaka? Today I'm gonna introduce you to one of our local "delicacies".

I still remember the last time I ride a trishaw was when I was very small that time. I rode with my mum to get over a few blocks and it just cost us like 30sens? But now, to sit on it, you would need to fork out RM5 per seat! No thanks to the commercialized tourist industry. But we also must forgive them right, because they also need to feed a family.

Here's this guy is trying to go further. He's going to ride his Beca to connect both the Unesco-acknowledged historical cities to raise money for charity purposes. The trip will take him about 3 hours making a number of pitstops on the way. This is a historical event as this is the fastest land journey ever planned. A car would usually take about 8 hours to reach Penang from Melaka, a train would also only able to complete such journey 2 hours earlier. However, Frankie is going to complete it less than a quarter of the time! The secret?

He's using this big Thrisaw!!!

This post is meant for humour. However the actual event is going to be held on the 6th of June. Do support the event for charity purpose and visit for more info. ^.^

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