Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mind Power Introduction Talk

It was said that we only use less than 10% of our brain. Even Albert Einstein quoted that he only use 11% of his brain. It is also said that the size of your brain is as big as the size of your 2 fist putting together. Considering that owning a small brain as ours wasn't enough to accomodate all those never ending jobs, the Treblefun guys finally made up an important decision-- to make our brain BIG!

Our Big Brain

With our big brain, we can be like Po

...Do the boogey dance

... become the next Hulk

I hope that you are not believing all of it. But it is true that we did made a big brain for our Mind Power Introduction Talk. The talk was to introduce our Mind Power Program to the public. The program is to educate people especially the young students from age of 7 - 17 years old since this can help them alot in their studies.

Before the talk

Setting up everything ready

It's not all work and no fun

A moment for memory

Another for the photobook

Oh yea, don't forget the camcorder

Dare you challenge Sunny the Brainny

Sunny's Victory sign

Waiting for the show

Many parents attended the talk

And we start

The Children looks nervous

The trainer is waiting patiently

Time to show off some power!

Deep in concentration

Stick 'em more

There's still space at the back

... sideways too!

Became a walking magnet

The next demonstration Blindfold reading

You know after you learn this you can earn a big loot during CNY?

If you are planning to live a living out Genting's Casino, I seriously suggest you gotta sign up the course!

Some explanation by the trainer on how the kids done it

After the talk, it is Behind the Scene...Camwhore! You know when you had work hard enough, you need to play hard!

Serena and Aya

Serena, Su and Aya

It's all Girls Power

Some shots with the beauties

"This is Aya"

and the quiet Ah Su

Doing the Sunny dance?

"ta da...! That's finish the show!"

"After I sign up this course, will I becomelike him?"

"Then I can have big brains..."

"and as strong as Sunny"

"You know what, big brains are heavy..."

Next up Mind Power Class. Maybe you can pick up some tips from it. I refrain myself from writing too much of the details although I'm working with this education program. Just wanted to share some of the fun things that I had gone through. If you readers would like to know more about this education program you can contact Treblefun incharge person Alex. He can tell you more about this. ^.^


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Session for Mamak Food

Just got a job recently as an Auditor in H.L. Lim. Life's cool lately. Enjoying my work. I won't deny that audit work is one of the "horrible" jobs in the field, but if you have nice helpful colleagues and "seng mok" attitude.

Back to Treblefun, we just got a job that requires us to take photos of Mamak Food! So we asked Yi Chong a pro photographer to help us take good quality pictures. Let's take a look at how Yi Chong work. ^.^

The whole photo session lasted 3 hours. Can't imagine just to take photos of 5 dishes and 3 cups of drinks we need such a long time. I wonder what if we are taking models' photos. >.<" But all in all, it is a great experience facing all those difficulties in taking a good shots.

Sorry I was too tired to post any captions for the photos above. Maybe next post I will do better. :P

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