Saturday, April 18, 2009

A Talk Back in Times

Wanna share some random photos taken not long after I got my LX3.

Pictures taken in a rubber estate during my time at my auntie's house somewhere northern part of Melaka. My grandfather came from that part. He was a poor guy. Our family was big. In order to feed so many mouth, my uncles and aunties have to neglect their studies for work.

But that was the time when rubber tapping still can feed the whole family. My aunties would usually woke up early in the morning to cook and work in the rubber estates. My uncles on the other hand, would cycle to them bringing them freshly prepared hot food by my 3rd aunty who cared for the family. Yup. My grandmother wasn't there already at that time. My grandfather have to feed the whole family single handedly.

But well, not exactly single handedly. He still has his brothers and cousins. Relationship were very close between the families. And everybody stays together at that time. Now, all the family had separated and live with their own family and some even have their own grandson and grand daughter.

Nevertheless, we still keep in touch. We still visit each others during those festival and celebration period. We still often have our reunion dinner.

So what do you think about the photos?

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