Saturday, March 14, 2009

White Day Sugars

I'm sure not many of you know what's so special about today. Yes, it's White Day! Exactly 1 month right after Valentine's Day. So what do you do during White Day? Not many of us celebrates it here. For those guys who receive gifts or chocolate on Valentine's Day, better make a point to get some in return for her. ^.^;;

Here are some nice sugars photos for reference if you don't have any idea what to get for the girl. ^.^

A Classical Present for the Love Ones.

Purplish Loves

Cut your heart out.

Typical Love Letters

Love Cookies?

More Heart shapes.

Make your own Love Nest.

Remember the frog and the princess?

Every pieces have it's words to convey.

Love lasts more then 1 month?

Chocolate Love-nies.

A cheaper options if flowers cost too much.

Loving a Healthier Live...

Made Specially for Women.

... ladies sure loves them.

The trick is to associates yourselves with these...

Women's best friends.

It's NY life.

For those who are staying in Hospital on that day...

... and for those who are celebrating their birthday.

Animals Loves too!

Cakes & Presents.

For those who are celebrities...

... and crazy about celebrities.

And lastly, for those who's getting married on that day!

So have you get your sweets? ^.^

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