Saturday, February 14, 2009

Have you spelt L.O.V.E?

It's Valentine's Day! Have you bought flowers? Have you bought gifts? How about chocolates? Get dressed and ask her out for a date!

For those who are planning to propose to her you better do so! For those who want to propose to him instead, fear not. It may be kind of embarrass for a girl to do so, but this is a fair world (what girls usually like to complain about). Women had headed fortune top 500 companies, and even Hillary Clinton wanted to be the first female president of United State. So why can't a girl propose? ^.^

I remembered reading that in Japan, the girls will give chocolate to the guy she had a crush or love on this day. Of course she would not be that obvious giving to the guy. She would prepare a few to distract other people's attention, letting other thought that these chocolates are just a courtesy of appreciation for the guys who had helped them. But make a very special one for that very special person. The guy on the other hand would "repay" back if he's interested in the girl on the 14th of March which is also known as white day with something more expensive.

I heard the from my colleague that the story is different in Taiwan whereby the guy will give during Red Day, and get his return if his lucky on white day.

But for people like me, who's not so popular, we just have to work hard and pray for the best... ^.^;; Or, the alternative, is to celebrate Black Day. But my dear friends, let's look at the bright side, we still can give valentine present right? ;-) Cheers!

Here's a Valentine Wallpaper for download.

Happy Valentines Day!

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