Thursday, October 16, 2008

Sand-WHICH Decisions...

Was in Amcorp Mall a few weeks back to fetch my sis back home. On the way back, we drop by the Subway for dinner. There, I've made the toughest decision to eat Sandwich. Never in my life had I taken so much time and made so many decisions just to eat a sandwich!

The first decision was, the flavour of your sandwich. Well, anybody would possibly think that's normal since you need to choose what you would like to eat. After you ordered, the person in charge would straight away make your order.

However, it wasn't like this in Subway. When I've finally made ordered the Chicken-Ham Sandwich after choosing from a list of varieties of flavour, the girl who served me look at me and asked, "Do you want a foot long or regular?" Okay it was dinner and I'm eating bread. I was wondering how much should I fill my stomach. And then I was thinking how big is a foot? The girl later showed me a drawing which have the actual size of the bread and I was "Oh okay. Make it regular."

And when I thought, finally I can wait for my bread, the girl asked "So what Sir, what kind of salad do you like?" She showed me a range of different kinds of vegetables from cucumber to lettuce to cabbages.. I was like er.. do I still have to squeeze my brain to think of what vegetables I should put in? Not knowing which vegetables to put in, I finally decided, just put everything in. After all, vegetables are good for health ain't it? ;-)

Then come the choice of toppings. >.<" There's mustard, tomatoes sauce, chili sauce, mayonnaise, black pepper and dunno-what-else. Considering that I'm having chicken and ham, I couldn't decide chili sauce and black pepper whichever that could satiates my hunger for spiciness. Tomatoes sauce is out of the question. I don't take it anymore. Mustard is something that I don't often try. In fact only after tasting the yellow sauce only I know that's Mustard. The vegetables sure will go along with the mayonnaise.

After so many decisions, finally, I get to enjoy my dinner~

"Wait ko! I want one too!"my sis. And the process have to be gone through again... Photos by my sis. If it looks bad, complain to her. :-P

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