Sunday, June 1, 2008

Reinforce Zwei

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present you... Reinforce Zwei!

If you've been following my blog, then you should know that I've been searching for her nearly a month. Actually, this figure have been opened up for pre-order for quite sometime since February but the pre-order stopped around early April due to overwhelming bookings. I came to notice this cute little girl when I first watch Nanoha StrikerS and straight away fall in love with it.

While surfing around the net to relax after studying hard for my exams around Mid April, I first came across this figure in TeenCom's website. But unfortunately it was sold out. I was quite disappointed and blogged about it. I browse through other local online stores but it seems that all have closed their pre-orders or not available.

Then I came to this XL-Shop which also sells all kinds of anime figures and it seems that she happen to be available! I was overjoyed and ordered it. However after two weeks placing my order, I still have not receive any news from it. I began to loss faith in it. But one day, I receive a message telling me to wait while they check for any left over stocks.

Another one week pass, finally they ask me to pay up! Damn, their PR is damn bad. They write their emails very short without any politeness. But just because They are the only one that still offer Rein, I would just overlook it. 5 days later this package came to my house.

Rein just arrived

Assembling Rein

"Yo mina-san! Ogenki?"-Rein

"Taking my photo?"-Rein

"Find me at ya, Mina!"-Rein

"The weather looks hot eh?"-Rein

"1! 2! 3! ^.~ Yay!"-Rein

Looking far away...

Code name: The Wind of Blessing Reinforce Zwei
Department: Lost Property Riot Force 6 (Section 6)
Position: Investigator Assistance
Rank: Air Sergeant Leader
Magic Type: Old Belkan
Wizard Level: Synthetic- A+
Device: Buch Der Klares wetter (Storage: Book)
Life would never be the same after Rein came into my life.
Next figure to buy: Nanoha (Barrier Jacket) Figma

And, waiting for the release of Yagami Hayate

Am I becoming a Nanoha Hardcore Fans? Wasn't I supposed to be a Ah! My Goddess Fan? Never mind, as long as all this girls are with me, I'm satisfied. ^.^

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