Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcoming a new family member -- Nanoha

Haven been updating my blog lately. 2 weeks ago, a new family member just entered my house. Guess who...

Yes it's Takamachi Nanoha. This is the first time I bought a figma. So what's the difference between figmas and figures? Basically it's real easy. Figmas are usually smaller than figures. When you buy a sculptured figure, they would usually tell you what's the scale of the figure comparing to it's "real life" form. Figmas on the other hand don't. Figures are more expensive than figmas since the sculpture take hell lot of time to produce the artwork. And the artwork is really same with what they drew out in their manggas and animes. Should I say exactly the same?

The only special thing with figmas is that they can move! Figmas are built with bendable joints. Their joints are actually similar to our human joints. Therefore, you can change their pose to whatever position that you like. They even shot a figma advertisement of them moving which I will post it up here below. Another special thing about figmas is that you can interchange their hair, face, hands and some other accessories making it somewhat more fun to play with.

Now I currently have 1 figure and 1 figma. Rein was bought from XL Shop while Nanoha was bought from TheFigureMall. Both purchased online. I guess is the best way to secure your latest model. I do frequent TeenCom in Melaka and it's not that easy to see those hot items. Figures are especially popular and their supply are limited. Therefore you would need to pre-order it and wait for a few months for their release. Depending on your luck, sometimes the company might re-release the figure but usually after their stock finish, you would not be able to get it anymore other than E-Bay.

Delivered 1 day late

Packed in a box

Back box illustration

Nanoha finished assemble

"Minasan konbawa!"

Rein & Nanoha

"Yo!" 2 Bishoujou!

My girldfriends. ^.^

Concurrently I also ordered Fate Testarossa Harlown which is the similar version of this nanoha. Unfortunately there are only a few number of supply and all are fully reserved. Plus, I ordered late. So I would have to wait for it's second release.

Overall I love the quality of figures and I like the flexibility of figmas. If only figures were to be able to be flex like figmas. That would be much much fun! But anyway, really happy with what I have now.

Heard Yagami Hayate is coming out now. It's pre-order was just release a few days ago and the pre-order period seems longer than the usual. I've actually ordered with TheFigureMall. Will be arriving on October. Seems like a very long wait. >.<" But I guess, if you love your passion, it's worth the effort.
Below is a commercial video of figmas. Enjoy! Danny Choo did a review on the advertisement which you can read here.

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