Sunday, April 5, 2009

Dynasty Bread & Snack

Recently friend had been keep on asking me out for a drink at night. We've been trying quite a number of coffee house around town. Might be sharing some experience dining in of and on. As of now, I'm just going to talk about some snacks I had in during my "Talk Kok" session in Dynasty.

Since that time I just had my dinner not long but my mouth is still itchy and scratching won't works, I decided to ordered a margarine toast bread worth RM0.50. The margarine was rich enough and the bread was soft. Did I say soft?! I thought I ordered a toasted bread? Yeah, the bread wasn't toasted enough.

In no time, I finished it. After some chat, my mouth felt itchy again, so I ordered another toast bread. This time, I specifically ordered it to be toasted more. What i expect it was it would be alittle bit brown in the bottom part. Instead.... turned out to be the same. =.=" I remember last time when I was in my uncle's place where they use the old school method, toast the bread with charcoal to golden brown. Then after that swipe with a layer of kaya and sugared margarine. I really love them at that time.

But this time, I'm eating my bread with assorted egg. Assorted not as in chicken egg + duck egg + ostrich egg. But, assorted as in there's ham, hotdog, onions and garlic inside. Everything was put into the egg, beaten and fried on a hot plate. It tasted good!

My friend ordered a plate of western food. It came with 2 slice of orange, mayonased salad, some frieds and its main course, grilled chicken? The plate was litter ally too big which makes the food so unsorted/undecorated.

But according to my friend, it's good. The price came up not too expensive too.

I ordered a Cold Lychee White Fungus for desert. The pot/mug/container came on top of a plate filled with ice. It seems that they put the pot on the glass plate first before filling it up with water. After that they let it freeze. When customer like me ordered, they would then only take it out, pour in the fruits drink and serves.

I don't actually like to drink or eat this way because when you top up your plates to eat, they say that you're topping up your debts. And it seems like I've been in debts way long.... But since this kind of serving is quite different from your normal food, I guess I will just let it go and just enjoy the dessert.

Inside, there's too many white fungus. They were generous in that but stingy in their lychee. I only got 2. I finish the fungus and the water first before I took the lychees. It was cooling though, and it's not that sweet.

While eating and chatting, I also took out my LX3 to shoot of course. Was playing with the aperture priority mode again. Since it was at night and the lightings weren't bright enough. Decided to "buka lubang besar besar" to shoot~ *grin*

The panda is cute! Half submerged in the ice. Will he turn from a panda bear become a pollar bear? ^.^" I wonder where did the owner got this kind of pot. In fact, most of the dining plates that they serve are very unique and looks very authentic.

After taking the food and shooting, I only realized that I had not taken any picture of the interior. But at that time, we were about to leave. Maybe will come over and take again some other time. Overall the food's good and the price is reasonable.

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