Thursday, March 12, 2009

Kyouka - Kyouran Kazouku Nikki!

Forget about work for now. It's time to play. But first, let us welcome another new member to the Family!

Yes! It's Kyouka! From Kouran Kazouku Kyouka! 狂乱家族日记!

Many of you might have not seen the anime. It's about a guy who was force into a mission - to get married with a devilish Queen from the underworld by his Company, Paranormal Phenomena Bureau of Measures.

Within minutes after their wedding ceremony, they are entrusted to adopt five different child. The eldest, a metrosexual guy who have all the girly-girly attitude. The 2nd is Jelly Fish who's actually a princess from the Water Planet. And there's a King of the Beast, a lion. And there's a cute little normal girl. Lastly, a biological weapon robot who was created to kill. All of them are children of Enka, a demon who tried to destroy the world a thousand years ago to avenge human who had killed its mother. Each

His mission is to gather all of them together and ensure that they are living happily ever after and won't disturb the human society. If you have not watch it and you like Minamike, I would recommend you to watch this too! ^.^

Anywa, I saw this cute little nendroids 2 years ago in DannyChoo's post. Din't recognized this figure at that time because I haven't watch this anime. But after I watch it last year, I notice it's selling the same nendroids in FigureMall. After some consideration, I finally decided to get it.

Packed in a box.

The box is smaller compare to those figma boxes.

It's packaging is one of its kind. The reason I choose this nendroids is because of its uniquness. It's humanoid but not human with some "cat DNA". Unlike Saber or Eva series whereby there's so much version of it. Kyouka is one of its kind that you don't see everyday.

The components in the box.

Besides, this is my first nendroid. Din't know its existence before. And I think it's cute. Even if you are too bored, you can carry anywhere to play with it. ^.^ It's roughly the size of my C2.

1 human cat and 1 jelly fish.

The set came in with a choice of 3 faces.

And another set of hands.

The head is detachable.

It's just plug-n-play.

This view looks just like the headless chicken. >.<"

The jelly fish.

It's a handful, considering that the head is the biggest.

It comes with a plastic stand to balance it.

And we have here, another family member, Kyouka!

"What are you looking at?"

"Everybody must listen to me! Now!"

One more added to my collections.

More to come. Stay tune!

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