Sunday, November 30, 2008

KL Training II

Photos continue from the previous KL Training trip. This time is for another program. All in all, we have 2 programs to attend. Studying the theories without any prior experience is kind of difficult for me. You just have to imagine or memorize it and apply it later.

Leona & Maureen

With Immas

The interior decor inside

Looking up the mirror ceiling

Can't differentiate the which is image which is real

The table beside

The wall design

Dragonfly on the wall design

The restaurant that we had our dinner

Our very own Dolores O'Riordan (Jessica Yoo) with her favourite song, Zombie.

... and Marion Raven (Mary Tan).

Leona in action

There's songs, there's food. It's party time! ^.^

It's party after work!

...hanging out with the girls!

Chilled out, and enjoy!

Singing all the way~

Photo with the sweetest girl, Mary.

It's really an honour to have both reknowed singers with us. ^.^

Did I mentioned Maureen is a singer of her own? And she's really good.

Take one from the left

and another from the right.

and it's none stop photographing...




There's alot of energy, there's alot of fun.

The casts for the karaoke session...

The team from Melaka.

Lunch with the 2 cover girls.

Some of the best colleagues I've ever met.

From left: Mary, Jessica, Ka Wai, Maureen and Leona

Do I look good with the white tie? I doubt...

My U friend now as KL colleauge, Yen Pheng

"Food was great wasn't it?"

"Yeah it was, and I'm so full up!"

"She's smilling because she just took my favourite piece of prawn...and I'm so angry now"

We are one happy family from Deloitte

A photo to remember.

To all my colleagues from KL,
Really happy to have you all as part of the family in Deloitte. Keep in touch. Take care and God Bless! Be good and have fun! That's all that matters in our life. ^.^


Wednesday, November 26, 2008

They blog so much!

Finally, I can find some time to READ BLOGS! Boy there were so many blogs to read. Not to mention all those News site that I subscribed in my Google Reader, the other General Interest Blogs, Informative Blogs, etcs... Even those Personal Blogs are pilling up!

Last night, I chatted with Wish. She was telling me that she's in Underground Chatting and I was wondering what's this Underground Chatting's about... >.<" Then she asked me, "You got read my blog or not?" I stunned there. " No I din't." I answered. As I checked her list of post in my Reader, it's already been 21 unread. -.-"swt.

This morning I saw Yshin's status wrote "Sleepy @ Work". Asked her about her new job, she said it wasn't a new job. She just went back to her previous workplace. Highly demanded employee eh?! When I checked out her blog, she also had posted up the news.

I was the last person to know everything. Times flies really fast. Really long time din't catch up with Bloggers around. Even some of the bloggers I had lost contact with them.

Now continue work hard... to read blog. -.-"

Blogs now read and counting...

NyOK Nyok Paradise (Wish) 21 unread...
Jason Mumbles (Jason) 7 unread...
miao~ (Akiraceo) 7 unread... (4 more in new site.)
Robin (Robin) 10 unread...


Sunday, November 23, 2008

KL Training I

One week after report to my new office, I was sent to KL HQ for training. The first training was getting to know my new company and its system. Oh and of course, my new colleagues! The whole week is just like an orientation week. Life is more like studying rather than working. No tension no stress. The best part of it, you still can enjoy going shopping after class! ^.^

Now I'm going to refrain myself from talking more or else:
1. I will bore my reader with all the accounting practices and theories which I'm actually too lazy to write...
2. My boss and colleagues will start thinking that I went there for PLAYING and not TRAINING.

Enjoy the photos.^.^

Yishensu Vegetarian Dinner for the first day!

Go Healthy!

Interior of Yishensu

Why is there a big pumpkin there?

It's Haloween Season!

Yok Ching with the scarecrow...

Is this scary or what?

Me with the scarecrow

Cheng Haw with the scarecrow

Cheng Haw & Yok Ching

The junior team from Deloitte

1 U sure really put alot of effort in this...

That's 1 happy pumpkin

... and that's 1 lonely pumpkin

You know what they say about beauty and creatures...?

... they never said.

Is that a pumpkin cake or a "pumpkin cake"?

The classic wise owl...

The cursed of the Haloween

A scene from scary movie

There's bat everywhere.

Our bedroom...

... sure it's neat doesn't it. ^.^

... and our hotel's lobby.

A view across the street outside HQ

Damansara Uptown

A view from the 17th floor

Another view

Relax in Midvalley on 2nd day

Maureen in Midvalley too.

This is the bridge across from the old building to the new one.

The road between the 2 building

Looking up the building

The Garden from afar

At the entrance

High rise building

The Gardens

The round table of colleagues

With Jane Chew

Lunch with KL team

Looking for 1 U?

There's condominiums everywhere

KL's Pantries are just different

Cars looks like matchbox from above

Sky of clouds

More clouds

Joseph & Mary ^.^ Cool Team?

Mary's working onto something

With Yaw Ming, China's Pro-basketballer...NOT!

Jong Meng waiting for his food

So is Maureen

That's all folks for this part! ^.^ Anticipate the 2nd part.

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