Saturday, January 31, 2009

I sold off my camera.

Yup. After serving me for 11 months and 28 days, I've sold off my camera. Sold it to my sis.

Apparently, she also wanted to buy the same model when I bought mine last year 1st of March. Well I got it first, and she doesn't seems to be getting any. All she do was just talk.

I bought this camera for RM800. When I passby Jusco last week, I saw the same model selling for the same retail price. Wow, the price haven't drop yet? My residual price was RM500 when I pass on to my sister. Losing a RM500 inclusive of the backup battery and other stuffs. Well, Brother ma.. what to do.. ^.^;;

Okay, since I don't own any camera now, it would be alittle bit difficult for me to capture pictures until I get a new one. Was considering another compact, but this time a faster one with less camera laggs. Tried to use my friends LX3, way cool! I've also seen DannyChoo using his LX3, but that cam cost a BOMB! If I can get that cam, I can afford D60.

However, I don't want to get a DSLR just yet because my dad's planning to get a D90 in a few months time. Besides, I need something that's light and versatile to carry around. I can't bring another load full of EQs when I'm already carrying a army backpack with all my working gears... ^.^

So, if you have any good suggestion for a compact cam range around RM1,000 or so, feel free to let me know. Thanks! ^.^ Till then, I will just try to fill this blog with pictures from my T700. ^_^


Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miku! Miku! Miku! Hatsune Miku!

After acquiring Rein and Nanoha it's been awhile I've been playing with toys. Yeah, you still think I'm too big to play toys? <*Grin*> I still play them. And now, I just got new ideas to play with them. ^.^

Coincidentally, I'm getting the same toy that's featured in the figma theater - Hatsune Miku! It was one of the impulsive buying even though I've been dragging the purchase for more then 3 months. ^.^ It's still an impulsive buy.

Got it from TeenCom

It come like any other figma in a box.

All the accessories inside.

Miku ready setup.

It comes with a microphone and stand.

Here's our beautiful host

La~ la~ la~

Angle shot during Miku's debut concert

"Minasan! Miku-desu!"


"Let's sing everybody"

The earpiece makes her cool, but the mic gives her a more splendid touch.

I would say this is a very beautiful figma.

Just that, her hair is kind of greenish purple compare to the animes that we saw in blue.

But with lightings, she looks gorgeous!

"So here I am Minasan! Yoroshiku~"

Okay everybody, that's all for today's songs.

Adding her to my collections.

Ops, don't forget C2 too!

Remember I mentioned that I'm getting Fate. Well, I am! Paid everything for it already. Got it from FigureMall again. Just waiting for another one, Hayate, and that I will have the complete set of Nanoha Series !!! It's a pity that I missed out the Yagami Hayate figure which would cost me a BOMB! ... for a good or bad reason. Hehehe..

So, at the same age as me, do you play toys? ^.^


Saturday, January 24, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year! 恭喜发财!!!

Happy Chinese New Year Everybody! 恭喜发财!!!

Thank you for reading my blog. Wish everybody have a wonderful New Year ahead! Download this wallpaper here.


Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year Celebration - Fire Works

2008 had pass, come 2009. How was your New Year?

Back to the first day of the year, went to A'Famosa to welcome the new 2009. Actually the plan was to shoot some photos. Since they will be realeasing fireworks that night, it's a good chance to try out my friend's new LX3.

There were two session on that day. The first session was around 10pm. I and my friend were busy at the hotel A'Famosa part, taking the scene around there when I heard the loud bang. We rushed out of the hotel to see the fireworks shows.

My S51 was in auto mode at that time and I don't want to waste any time changing my settings. Straight away, I quickly press my triggers and start snapping. It's a pity, my eQs are only a S51 and there's a 1-2 second shutter lags. However, I do get some nice shots. Photos are below:

Fire Shower

Fire Flower

Fiery Bouquet

Lighting Splat?

Sparkling flower
Those are the first session. The second session was at 12 midnight. I was sitting right in front of the place where they release. The fireworks shot up the sky at precisely midnight sharp lighting up the sky.Sitting just by the road side, I was amazed, showered by the magnificent fire sparks.

Unfortunately the lights were too close and bright that my camera only captures all the fire in the dark sky...

Test shots, getting ready.

Workers getting ready.

Audience getting ready too. Sitting a row.

The milky way is sparkling!

There's fire everywhere.

Bom! Kabom! and BooM!

Burning Skies.

This looks like Hollywood Fire Fiery.

Cooling down...

...But more to come..

There's rocket in the sky

Shooting up a wishing star...

And a wonderful 2009.

After taking this photo. I realise maybe, I should've control the lightings to make it lower. Compare mine with Jason's fireworks photo and Robin's here, here and here, mine is still child play. Lolx. No worry, dad gonna get his D90 next few months. I just have to be patient. *Grin* kekeke....

P.S.: Please don't be stingy with your comments. The more critic, the better.


Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year Wallpaper

Chinese New Year is coming. Have you bought your new year clothes? New year shoes? New Year gears? If you haven't, better get it quick, because there's only a few days left. ^.^

Made this wallpaper in occassion of Chinese New Year. Since Christmas had passed, I have to change my laptop mood which was using a christmas theme wallpaper. I don't feel like using back the old Deloitte's wallpaper which is kind of dull. Thus, made my own wallpaper here. Who say audit have to be a dull life? ^.^

Feel free to download and use it.

恭喜发财!Happy Chinese New Year! ^.^


Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tampin Satay

Do you know that you can cross 2 states in less than 20 minutes?

There's this town in Melaka called Tampin. It's a small town, but it's divided into 2 parts. One part belong to Melaka and another to Negeri Sembilan. My friend, Jason, a famous blogger came from there.

Anyway, what's there in this small town? Well, after celebrating New Year 2009, me and a friend of mine went for Satay in Tampin nearby which had been recommended by another dear friend of mine.

Satay Tampin

So what's so special about this Satay compare to our normal Melaka satay? First thing, it's pork satay! You don't get pork satay everyday in town, do you? Second, it's marinated with juicy honey. *Drools* Much more tastier then your Char Siew Fun. And the best part of it, if you can't wait, you can always barbeque yourself! Craps. Lucky I asked this leng zhai ko ko to help me. If not we both gonna eat charred pork.

Smoking the satays

The stall only opens at 12 midnight, according to my friend. When we reach there, there are already so many people. Lucky there's one group leaving and we managed to get some seats. Since it was my first time there, I saw people queing up so I follow as well. My friend take his seat there alone like a big boss. *Grin*

Surviving skill rule #2 : When you don't know, ASK! I asked around how to order and this and that from another kind leng zhai who's queing up as well and get to know that the boss got no time to entertain you. Just queue up, and when it's your turn, just tell them you wan how many. Alternatively, grab a bunch of the satay, and go to the DIY pot to BBQ.

15 juicy Pork Satay

The rice was gone when I reach there. So no chance to order some to soaked it with their satay curry saurce. Even the cucumber are missing. People are grabbing the sticks like nobody's business. Bunches after bunches vanished from the pot. I can imagine that the boss are selling like tens of thousands of satays every night. Each satay steak is sold for 50sen. That's RM7.50 for our supper. Reasonably good compare to other Satays in town.

So are you drooling now? ^.^


Monday, January 12, 2009

Christmas Dinner

Last Christmas, went out with my dear friend for a Christmas Dinner. So C2 also came along to enjoy with us. We went to this Seafood Restaurant, Simply Fish at Melaka Raya.

Boasted the Best Seafood in Town.

It was Christmas Season, and there were not much variety in the menu. They offered 2 value set and their usual Ala Carte. We ordered one of the Salmon Fish set which comes with a bowl of salad and a berries fruit punch, and another just the Fire Bite. The fire bite was super hot. But I liked it. ^.^ Hotter then Nando's Peri-peri. If you add in their chilly saurce, prepare to jump into a ice bath. The salmon however, has the fishy smell. I still prefer smoked salmon. The salad comes with some chicken pieces which taste not bad with the thousand island toppings. Overall, it's just okay.

Fire Bite! C2 wanna take a bite!

Chicken Salad with Thousand Island Toppings.

Salmon with corns and fries.

This is our Christmas Dinner.

Berries Fruit Punch.

C2 looks so excited. ^.^

It's a wonderful Christmas Dinner. Hope this year still got chance to celebrate. ^.^

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