Saturday, March 29, 2008


Was working in KL last week. It was saturday and the weather was very dark. There was nothing to do and I was waiting to go buy some computer hardware, a USB PCI card to be exact to fix my boss's accounting computer because the last time her UBS key lock just BBQ fried the built in USB port.

So while waiting for that, there was nothing else better to do. The teddy was lying on the sofa alone just like me. I took it up, play around with it, snap some photos. And this is what I got. How do you like my design?


Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Do you want to own a cheap camera phone?

Do you want to own a cheap camera phone? Found this at Blog Anything About while googling for image. Seriously this just makes me dumfounded. Enjoy~


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Random Breakfast

Wholemeal bread with fish paste covered with fried eggs. Yum Yum! ^.^

Woke up one morning feeling hungry. Things were slow because it was a Sunday. While browsing through my feeds and reading news, mum prepared this for me. Yum yum! Although I've been sickening of eating breads for the past few months nearly everyday, this is something refreshing! Thanks mum! ^.^


Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Camera Set

After getting my new digital camera S51, I tried out some shots around. Bringing everywhere I go. You know it's the initial craze of owning something. You just snap everything that you look amazing or beautiful. Things would eventually get bored and you will be busy something else.

My Nikon S51 is nice. I get to take photos for long hours. The scrolling functions allowed me to scroll through the photos fast. Yi Chong thanks for the advice! Lucky I got this 3" LCD screen. And the capability of capturing candid photos while people are not watching since there's no zooming in and out lenses to notify the subject.

Other than the camera, I was determined to buy some accessories for it. A water proof bag and an extra battery. I needed a water proof bag because I am going Pulau Perhentian! An extra battery is because I don't want to be left hanging when I'm out of battery. Jason recommended me Shashinki online shop. After checking out in physical shops around town, I find that Shashinki are selling at the cheaper price. The water proof bag was selling at RM99 and the battery at RM98. Delivery is free for purchase above RM50. I banked in RM200 into their account. Stupid Maybank don't allow smaller notes. I only can feed in RM50 notes into the ATM machine. Why I don't use online transactions? My account was blocked and I've tried several times calling their customer service to reactivate it but they just won't pick up their phone. Keep connecting me to their automated machines. Wasted my credits and time. Maybank? Full of shits!

The normal procedures of online purchase, you bank in money to their account, snap and send the bank in slip to them. After confirming your transaction, they will send an email to confirm with you and post your products to you.

In two days time, I received this.

Inside I opened. A box of battery and a water proof bag.

The battery. Nikon EN-EL8 for Nikon's compact cameras.

Camera water proof bag. Dicapac WP-700 underwater casing.

The water proof bag is sealable.

If you just bought something water proof, check out by trying it inside the water. If there's bubbles coming out from it it means it's spoilt. Never try putting your camera inside during testing. If the bag is spoilt, you can kiss your camera goodbye!

My camera box from my previous digital camera also by Nikon.

Inside the camera box, I have my camera bag, my camera pouch, extra battery, video input output, battery charger. Complete!

P/S: Wait till I show off my Rm99 water proof bag! ^.^


In search of a camera

I remember the last time I bought my digital camera was about RM1,600. That was about 4 years ago when digital cameras was introduced not long. Now you can get better specs at 1/3 of the price.

Lately, after much thinking over and searching through the internet, I finally made up my mind to get a new digital camera.

The reason:

  • My old digital camera is broken. The batteries don't work anymore, the battery lid damaged.
  • I wanted to start a blog but blogging without original photos is no fun.
  • I wanted to play around with photography and photoshop
  • For the first time in 3 years I am going for a holiday! And I'm going to sit aeroplane for the 1st time!
  • I am graduating and am urgent to take some photos for remembrances.
  • I am starting to admire nature's art and have the urge to snap up beautiful image for admiration.
  • I am leaving my friends, and may or may not meet them anymore after graduation. These are the last few months that I would be spending my time with them.
  • The list goes bore you.

My first choice was a Nikon S510 which cost Rm800 under promotions, but my friend, Yi Chong recommended Fujifilm F480 or F50fd which fulfills all my need of high ISO, good Image Stabilizer and great colours! Not forgetting economical!

However after much soughting the whole Melaka, I only can conclude that these 2 cameras are not available. Not available as in you can't see the physical model then and there when you want. Not available as in none of the shops in Melaka is selling these 2 models unless you pre-order. Which also means, you can't get it at a bargain price.

At last, it had been 3 months since I started searching for my ideal camera and I was getting quite frustrated. I was thinking of settling down with the Nikon S510 but then I was this similar model S51 selling at the same price. I consulted Yi Chong again for his opinion. After much discussion to and fro, I decided, if I'm not going to buy a camera by this week, I ain't gonna buy any this year at all.

I made some trips again around Pakard Shops and Fotokem in Melaka namely in Tesco, Giant and Mahkota Parade to search for the best bargain in town. Finally, I got this Nikon S51 Coolpix for RM800 from Pakard Shop in Tesco Melaka. You can read more of the camera features here.

P/S: This photo was taken online because I can't take the camera's body can I? ^.^;;


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hang Over

It's been a while since my last post. Had been busying with alot of stuffs lately. After the midterm tests, was on vacation to Pulau Perhentian, then went to Muar for a whole day feast. Next stop will be in Subang busy some of my boss's portfolios. Will be back in Melaka roughly around Sunday for school on Monday. It's a busy holidays. Will post up all the adventures I've been through after I finish other people's jobs. ^.^ Heck! I haven't even prepare my resume for job search. Time is really not enough and I'm still feeling the hang over. Will keep updating this blog.

Thanks for reading.


Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Photo Session of Accounting Epsilon Student 2

The first photo session was chaotic. Everybody was disorganized and the photo taken out were... You can view it back again here.

Hence, somebody suggested through YM that we should wear either white and pink/red to class the next day so that we can take a better photos. If I'm not mistaken, it was Terence Tan. Because in class he circulate his plan asking us those who wear white to form a circle and those reds stand inside...

So do you know how the photo session ends up? Like this...

It started with everybody was force to go to the President Square to line up under the hot sun. And I meant really hot. You can see the expression of this picture...

Before 08
"Boy it's Sahara Dessert here..."

Before 06
"My shirt is sweating through... Will it makes me even sexier?"

Before 07
"I don't want to leave my things there." "If you bring, the sun might melts it..."

10 minutes, the circle is only half done.

Before 05
"Hey people quick! Why is there another smaller circle there?"

Before 02
"Okay Okay! I'm coming..."

Before 01
"This is so boring. Everybody is so slow. Maybe I should just do the boogey dance while waiting for them."

Before 03
"Nah, back to the line."

Before 09
"What is happening over there? Is there somekind of joke?"

Before 10
"Hey look! We are being photographed!"

Finally, Hurray! We finally made the circle!

Before 11
MMU Accounting Epsilon 2008 Banzai!!!

Suddenly, everybody rush to the monument...

Class photo 2

Lastly,our class photo...

Class photo 1

Yeah! Story ended. I know it's kind of lame adding "subtitles below". I've post the photo to most of the people. Whoever have not got it please email me.

Currently, I'm making a photobook which consists of 6 pages only. I would like to invite all of you to send me your best group photos to me so that I can put in the photobook. This book if actually for my own personal use which I would print out a copy and pass around to be signed by everyone (autograph purpose). However I would also forward a softcopy to everyone (whoever I have their email). If you need a printed of the photobook, you may also order through me. The photobook is printed on Ivory Card laser printed. Price will be confirm once the 1st copy is out. Artwork is fully designed by myself (photoshoped).


Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Photo session of 2008 Accounting Epsilon Students 1

This is the scene of our 2008 Accounting Epsilon Students taking their class photos.

The session started with everybody were usher into Studio B and be seated. 3 Professional photographers from Student Publication Board arrived with their "bazooka and shotguns". The atmosphere was chaotic.

First they were pulling each others' hair...

Pull Hair

Hugging each others...


Throwing themselves around?! O.o"

Throw him

Choking and "blek-ing" -___-"

Show tongue

Acting cool and pretty...

The girls

Which eventually everybody ends up tired...


But suddenly, the door opened...and a handsome guy came in?

Look right

...Owh! She fainted...


Bah. It's just the wind blow...

Finally, we manage to take our pictures and it turn out like this...

Campaign 2

MMU 2008 Acconting Epsilon Students! Banzai...

Hey wait a minute... What are the back guyz doing? Are they campaigning for elections? O.o"

Campaign 1

End of Day 1 photo session. Boy that was stressful. :P But FuN! ^>^

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