Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Night along the Melaka River

Having passing by Melaka Town during the nights but never get to really stop by to admire the RM25 million project. So I had chosen one nite just to go take some of the photos. The illustration are not in sequence.

A view of Melaka River with Jalan Hang Tuah as the background

Crossing over the bridge to Bunga Raya

Along the river bank

蓝色情人桥 (Bluish Lover's Bridge)

Ferry Wheel along the river bank

Have you tried to cruise along the Melaka River?

The Ferry Wheel's shadow on the water

A view of the Park

A view of the river cruise

Lighted house along the river bank

A blur vision of the river

A mixture of blue and red colour

Ferry Wheel across the bridge

More Ferry Wheel

Blue lights under the bridge

Hotel along the Melaka River

The bridge with its shadow

Fountain Pool

Ferry Wheel from afar

River Bank Light house

Across the blue bridge

A view of Ferry Wheel from below

Another view from another angle

The exciting pirateship

Welcome to Melaka River Pirate Park

A view from the otherside

Night photos are not really easy to take. With a little bit of slight movement your photos will become blur. Please comment without mercy of the photos. Thanks for reading.


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Pork Chop!

Not too long ago, went to Wok & Pan after the photo shooting session in MMU. By the time we finish our session it was about 9pm and we were damn hungry. Planned to eat in Tribe Hous but they don't offer much choice except for some Mee Maggie which cost a bomb! :P Others are drinks and liquors. Will show some photos later after I sort out it out.

Anyway, Wok & Pan is just opposite Tribe Hous. The food is good. Other than the normal western food, they serves our traditional local foods such as fried rice and mee goreng. But it's quite some time since the last chance I get to eat western food, I've decided to order Pork Chop! Something that you don't usually get to see in cafe here Melaka. Most cafes in Melaka try to serves "halal" food even though they don't have the halal sign.

Talking about eating pork, do you know that pork is much more "organic" than chicken? A chick can grow up to the size of a mature hen in less than a week by injecting hormones. Whereas pigs are not injected, according to one of my pig farmer relative. How far is true I'm not very sure. What I am sure is that, Wok & Pan serves the best Pork Chop I've ever eaten!

Top View of my Fried Pork Chop with sweet sour spicy sauce

Front view

Grilled Pork Chop with Thousand Island sauce... I think ^.^;;

Take another shot

Forgot what flavour is this.

The portion is quite big and it cost about RM6.50 per plate. I would say quite worth it. Will come back to see other food they serves next time. 


Monday, May 19, 2008

Wesak Day Parade

Wesak day. The day where Buddhists all over the world commemorate events of significance to Buddhists of all traditions: The birth, enlightenment and the passing away of Gautama Buddha.

After imprisoning myself in my room to study for my final exams for the whole week, I decided to take a break and breath some fresh air. Usually at this day, you will be able to see people lining up along the main road waiting for the procession to pass by. The parade will start from Sek Kia Ee Buddhist Temple and move along the old main roads around Melaka until it reach back. Refer map below.

I took my place at near the Jonker Street bridge because I was thinking of going around Jonker first while waiting for the parade to arrive. The streets were full of people. I'm lucky when I took the highways to reach my destination, I din't encounter much jams. But still Melaka is flooded by Singaporeans and holiday makers, anticipating that Monday would be a public holiday.

I reach the other end of the road of Jonker Street and I thought it was still early so I took my sweet time walking around looking at all those traders promoting their unusual goodies.

All kinds of decorative items on sale

More decorative items on sale

Lighters of all shapes and size

Slippers on the block

Typical Chinese Lantern

By the time I reach the other end of the road, half of the parade had already passed. People are flocking along the roads watching all the beautifully decorated carts and statues pass along. A number of statues pre-decorated beautifully with flowers and shining ornaments being carried by lorries or carts, tailed by followers move along the street. It's a pity that my camera had a 0.8 to 1 second lag. By the time I snap, they had already move along and all I can get was some blurry photos.

Buddha Statue

Another Buddha Statue

Lion Dance to cheer the crowd

More Buddha Statue

Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin

Sek Kiah Ee Dharma School Jr. Students join the parade.

People holding candle walking in the parade

Sek Kiah Ee Kindergarten Children Joining the parade

The parade this time was fast. It ends around 9.30pm compare to last time which only finish their route about 11.30pm usually. Nowadays, the procession are just some lorries carrying statues of Buddha with some decoration moving along the street. You can't see people acting or walking with tall sticks and doing acrobatic acts like last time in the 1990s. I really enjoy watching them when I was very small. Really missed them alot.

I wish that Melaka have more of such processions and parade but of different themes and culture. In Japan, they have cosplay parade, trooper dancing and all kinds of other wacky ideas. Maybe it is due to the economy that people not willing to spend that kind of money. But I think, if we have such celebrations and collaborations, we would be able to attract more tourist who will be spending money here. Eventually, we would benefit economically since all these foreign spendings.


Thursday, May 15, 2008

Photo outing in MMU

The last class had finished. We are not going to see each other till our coming exam. Holly, we should get some photos of our school and each other for remembrance!

The setting: MMU
Time: 8.00pm
Cast: Shelly, Joan Koh, Zin Fui, Eng Khee, Seok Fung and yours sincere...

Actually the time wasn't really suitable for photo shots as it's kind of dark. And MMU is kind of stingy that they off their lights even on frequent travel corridors. However since that's the only time that everybody is free we just take some snapshots. The posing were mostly the brainchild of Shelly and me.

A classical pose of cook-coo clock style

Wanted to try this picture with the fashion pose style. But I guess I'm not so good at directing yet. Plus I don't have a tripod which leads to the blurry of this shot.

Fashion style?

We were her in FBL

Glued to the wall

Black & White Box-in

Thanks for reading. ^.^


Saturday, May 10, 2008

Study week & Designs

It is a damn hot days. Assignments are just finished and it's time for exams. After graduate and I'm out to serve the society. Will have to be independent and earn my own living. But that is 4 more weeks away.

Now I'm really frustrated with the weather. It's so damn hot and there are no rain for the past few weeks. How am I going to study in this humid room? For a few times, I nearly throw my temper for nothing just because it's so tension.

In such condition, I couldn't really concentrate on my study. To pass some time, I just did some designing on those photos that I've taken of my friends. Was planning to make a photo book for autographs. I hope that I could print it in time and get the others to sign it. Hahaha...

Joan enjoying her food

Zin Fui slurping his mango ice

Miki in secret garden

Jia Wei, Mei Qi, Jamie and Helen

Raul the leader of Team V~

Was facebook hoping when I saw Ming Mei's profile photo. It was very nice with her picture superimpose on nicely designed magazine front covers using MagMyPic. So I had decided to try with my own picture. All comments are welcomed. ^.^

I'm graduating dude!

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