Friday, June 12, 2009

Shana Steals My Him Heang Biscuit

Been busying the last few days with my exams and got a Hang-Over after my trial. O.o" Life's tough and it sux. But can't help it. I haven't got the mood to post any writting for the last few days and I haven't even touch my LX3 since then.

After one week and I'm back here!! Hahaha... While browsing through my photos I noticed that some uploaded pictures have not been written up. So I decided, my Shana is changing her favourite food from the usual melon-pan to our famous Penang Him Heang Biscuit!

Actually my friend went over to Penang for a few days holiday. Thus, I asked her to order some of their local delicacies. When I got it home, Shana just couldn't stand still and were so excited to try out the biscuit.

The biscuit in Hokkien we usually call it Tau Sar Piah (豆沙并) or literally translated Bean Paste Biscuit. This prompted me to wonder, why westerners made more breads and easterner make more biscuits! Have you ever thought of that?

"Boss ist still thinking/dreaming there. Steal one to eat" - Shana

"Mmmm... Yummy! It looks so big. Bigger than my head! I wonder if I can finish it or not"

"And it's heavy too! It sure have alot of beans inside."

"I hope it taste better than Melon-pan"

*Bite! Munch~ Munch~*

"It taste sure good. With green bean taste, slightly sweet abit. Yummy!"

"Eat some more! This is delicious! ^.^ " - Shana

"Hey why so many biscuit had been missing! Who stole it arh?" - Shinky

"Shh.. Don't tell boss I took it. :P " - Shana

I heard there are other similar baker who bake this nicer. One day I should take a few days leave and go over Penang for a Holiday. ^.^


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thinking of Eating Japanese Food

It's been a while since I had my Japanese Cruisine. It was in Kluang at that time when I visited my cousin. Visited Idori Sushi~

Take a sip~ Ah~ The freshness of green tea warmly soak up your mouth quenching your thirst. Yes I prefer warm tea rather than cold tea even though the taste is still the same. The cold tea would actually freeze the food in my stomach and make me hard to digest. I would eventually have stomach pain. >.<"

A typical serving in a Japanese restaurant, you would see the shoyu sauce, wasabi and toothpick? It's so elegantly made with ancient Chinese writing?

The settings are romantic as well. Further inside there's individual private room for people who don't want to share the public atmosphere.

Here's the counter, nicely decorated. Usually a typical would have seats in front of the counter and the chef would serves fresh sushis. You can see how they demonstrate their skills. ^.^

The boss actually spend alot of money decorating this place. I guess the whole restaurant would nearly cost them a million or two for such designs. But in a small town like Kluang? Well, they're just too rich aren't they? ^.^

With plates like this, it's just so authentic! >.<" There's poem on your plate and it's with chop sign some more! Food have become poetic eh?
From a different perspective. Wanted to go look closer at the ship. But just plain too tired to walk around. Besides, mum said we need to sit properly in our seat during every meal? Table Manners? ^.^;;

While I can't make out what's the last word which is written in old chinese/japanese. It's actually the name of the restaurant -- Idori Sushi.

So as I was saying, the setting is nice, the tableware is so classic. Everything looks so classy liek you are in a fine dining restaurant. So where's the food?! O.o"

Really long time din't go for a Japanese Food already. After reading Myhorng's Tenji Japanese Buffet, really determine to go eat liao la~! Wazen! After my exam I will go! ^.^


Thursday, June 4, 2009

The Morning Glories

I love travelling around. Especially when it's somewhere near the greeneries. The freshness of the air, the cooling weather and the freedom to move around. It's so fun!

The flowers are also very beautiful! Let's enjoy some beauty that I had taken up during my journey in the south.

It was early in the morning, when the fog were just starting to settle. The morning dew decorates the flower shinningly~

My dad taught me that when taking flower photos, there should be three sticked together in the picture. This way it form the shape of a triangle. I don't really know what's the term called, but I guess it's one of a good photo composition. ^.^

Soft white in the middle of greens. This reminds me of a recent campaign held, "I'm a stand out in life!" campaign held by tiger and nuffnang. ^.^ Come to think of it, I'm actually quite stand out in life. Actually, standing outside of community I belong do. People always think that I'm weird, eccentric and not blending in. But in any circumstances, it doesn't matter as long as I'm aware who I am. ^.^ It's not like they hate me or what...

Zooming in on the flower. Everywhere was wet. It's not like those marshy kind of wet, but it just wet. Maybe because of the morning dew or probably it rained the previous night which I can't remember because I was sleeping like a log. :P

I like gazing flowers. I really enjoy strolling in a flower garden. I remember last time when my dad was taking wedding photos of his colleague in a flower garden right in front of the Malacca's palace in Bandar Hilir. I'm not sure weather it's still there or not, but the area had been sealed up and became a tourist attraction.

I wished the government make more such places. More gardens, more parks. So that people can relax and enjoy; living a healthier lifestyle. Well, I think I have said enough. Time to gaze more flowers. ^.^

After writing so much, I suddenly remembered that I've seen similar photos of flowers from Frankie's blog. Here's the link to there. Nope I did not copied his. He's in the far east Kuching while I'm still in the the southern part of peninsular Malaysia. And I definately din't know he took those picture. Probably mine were even taken earlier than his! :P

I'm not too sure what's this flower. I noticed it along the way to a recreasional park. It's very unique and only found along this place. It grows on a tree in bunches like bunches of Rambutans!

Yeap! We thought it was blooming season at that time. It's still early of the year and rambutans are blooming already?! What more it's yellow!

The trees were all filled up and we were suggesting, since it's nobody's tree, why don't we just stop and pluck some to fill our stomach! ^.^;;

Yeah, here's your yellow rambutan freshly served. You wan some more? It's sweet and juicy you know.

Here's some spider lily. Remember the spider i took in my back to nature adventure? Well, aparantly it had fed enough and wrap itself in a cocoon for a few months. Yes months.

After the few months of hibernation, when spring comes, it turn into a magnificent flower! Just like butterflies. Only that butterflies would suck the honey from flowers but this spider lilies provides juicy honey to feed to insects. It's give back to the communities. ^.^

Here's a bunch of spiders to end the post. More flowers to come if I land on a garden or so~ Maybe I should pay Penang Botanical Garden a visit. Yeah, I will PAY it when my finance is right. >.<" ...

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