Friday, April 3, 2009

Fated Fate's Faith

This is the story of Fate. A girl who was fated to be born a clone. Without anybody's care, without anybody bother. She was destined to follow her ordered, and serve her master. But she held her faith strong and with some of her loving friends she finally overcome her fate. Now, she's ....

Fate! Fate Tesstarossa Harlown

Have been waiting her for a very long long time. You can read from the part where I got Nanoha-chan. And yes I get from the same supplier, FigureMall. No thanks to LikeV84 for charging so high. ^.^ *grin*

Immediatelym unbox it and laid down all the kits and accessories. It came with 2 Bardiche, one in scythe form and another in Zanbato. The rest are the hands and stand.

Fate ready up. In full blue uniform. Cool eh~! In the anime, Nanoha StrikerS she was a police in the magic world. So her blue uniform is actually her working gears. Since she's more of an agi-type figher, she doesn't has those flurry ribbons on her unlike Nanoha. Her cloak or also known as her barrier jacket, is her only armour.

Standing up figma isn't easy. You have to correctly position the hands and the legs. I took me 15 minutes just to set it up without using her stand. I tweak her hair and hands as well as lining up her legs. The hair are mostly stiff so I can't actually change much except for its position so that the exact weight fall at the right point to balance up the axis.

Fate, gear up! The barrier jacket that comes with it does not weigh down either. It's horizontal when you fixed on it giving you the effect that Fate is always flying, or the wind blowing.

Fate with Zanbato. Swords looks cool on girls. Wonder if there's any figma girl with a katana. So far I only have this figma with a swords. I'm not into Saber which is overpopular. But probably I will get Tohsaka Rin or Shanan. Or maybe I should just get both?! ^.^ Boy am I greedy. Have to earn those. Ain't easy.

Fate with 2 Bardiche. Though actually in the anime she usually use her scythe form, the Zanbato looks better on her. But, I still prefer her sonic form which it wasn't included in this package. >.<" I wish that they had came out with it. Check out her latest release here. It really cost a limb to own one. But when you look at her sexy pose... *drools* You will just get poisoned. >.<"

The sword is heavy, so she had to carry on her shoulder. This is the yakuza style. You got problem? Don't worry, Fate will help you. Just give me all your monies... ^.^ *grin*

Taking off the backdrops, a closeup shot make Fate so rich in colour~! Yes I think you saw something familiar in the backdrop. Will disclose it later.

Anoother close up view of Fate. This time the other direction. Everytime I see this picture, I just feel so satisfied. Lucky I got my new camera. ^.^ The colour is so rich. I really should take more of it. Maybe with different pose.

I wonder if they are making any figma accessories out there. Since there have been more and more figmas coming out. I think they should start supplying more accessories like swords, katana, guns or any other props for figmas. ^.^ So that players like me won't be limited in their choice. I've also seen alot of Figma Theaters going around in the Otakus blogsphere. I'm sure extra accessories would do them better. ^.^

Last picture, a sneak peak at another character which I got together with Fate. Wil be reviewing it later though. Figures are getting more and more expensive. I've dropped the idea of getting figures because it would take me longer to save up for it. Instead, Figmas are now my new playtoys. Still, they aren't cheap. With the Japanese Yen getting stronger against the Dollar and Riggit Malaysia, I have to start eating grass to get these anytime soon. >.<"...

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