Monday, June 30, 2008

24 years and a 1/2

It's been 24 years and a half that I came to this world. 24 years of sleeping and eating, 18 years of studying, 12 years of fooling around, 6 years of wondering what I wanted and three years of romantic affairs. Finally, I ended up today.

Learning what I can, exploring what I encounter. Finally, it's coming to end of the first chapter and starting or my second chapter, community service. ^.^

I still remember when I first started to step into the society, my mentor explain to me that there are many different things in this world that we won't easily understand. But in order to succeed in our life we need to follow a few simple principles. And that he gave me 5 chinese letters.


知(Knowledge) -
To be successful, we need to be knowledgeable. We learn in order to improve ourselves so that in need of time, we are able to make use of our knowledge. In this world, the reality is that the foolish are always being taken advantage of by the smarter. To outsmart and outlast, we would need to depends on our wisdom to survive. The knowledge to deal and manage things which are beyond or within our control. The knowledge that help us grasp what we wanted. The knowledge the helps us differentiate good from evil. Knowledge give us a direction and a path.

勇 (Courage) - To be successful, we must dare to take up the challenge. We must dare pursue our dream. We must dare to accept defeat. Our courage are the one that pushes us to our limit.

信 (Faith / Trust) - To be successful, you must trust yourself. Have faith in this world that not everything you encounter is bad. There's always blessing in disguise it all depends on the way you look at it and handle it. When dealing with people, you would have to put your trust on others as well.

严 (Preservere) - To be successful, you have to have a systematic way to deal with things and stay with it. Keeping to your own system would simplify your responsibility and you will be clear of what you are doing.

人 (People) - Finally to be successful, you have to learn how to deal with people. You would need to understand what people are thinking and how to manage them.

From here on, it's a new journey for me ahead. 24 years and a 1/2 later, let's see where am I. Yosh! Gambateh!


Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Welcoming a new family member -- Nanoha

Haven been updating my blog lately. 2 weeks ago, a new family member just entered my house. Guess who...

Yes it's Takamachi Nanoha. This is the first time I bought a figma. So what's the difference between figmas and figures? Basically it's real easy. Figmas are usually smaller than figures. When you buy a sculptured figure, they would usually tell you what's the scale of the figure comparing to it's "real life" form. Figmas on the other hand don't. Figures are more expensive than figmas since the sculpture take hell lot of time to produce the artwork. And the artwork is really same with what they drew out in their manggas and animes. Should I say exactly the same?

The only special thing with figmas is that they can move! Figmas are built with bendable joints. Their joints are actually similar to our human joints. Therefore, you can change their pose to whatever position that you like. They even shot a figma advertisement of them moving which I will post it up here below. Another special thing about figmas is that you can interchange their hair, face, hands and some other accessories making it somewhat more fun to play with.

Now I currently have 1 figure and 1 figma. Rein was bought from XL Shop while Nanoha was bought from TheFigureMall. Both purchased online. I guess is the best way to secure your latest model. I do frequent TeenCom in Melaka and it's not that easy to see those hot items. Figures are especially popular and their supply are limited. Therefore you would need to pre-order it and wait for a few months for their release. Depending on your luck, sometimes the company might re-release the figure but usually after their stock finish, you would not be able to get it anymore other than E-Bay.

Delivered 1 day late

Packed in a box

Back box illustration

Nanoha finished assemble

"Minasan konbawa!"

Rein & Nanoha

"Yo!" 2 Bishoujou!

My girldfriends. ^.^

Concurrently I also ordered Fate Testarossa Harlown which is the similar version of this nanoha. Unfortunately there are only a few number of supply and all are fully reserved. Plus, I ordered late. So I would have to wait for it's second release.

Overall I love the quality of figures and I like the flexibility of figmas. If only figures were to be able to be flex like figmas. That would be much much fun! But anyway, really happy with what I have now.

Heard Yagami Hayate is coming out now. It's pre-order was just release a few days ago and the pre-order period seems longer than the usual. I've actually ordered with TheFigureMall. Will be arriving on October. Seems like a very long wait. >.<" But I guess, if you love your passion, it's worth the effort.
Below is a commercial video of figmas. Enjoy! Danny Choo did a review on the advertisement which you can read here.


Sunday, June 22, 2008

Starbucks Break

Was busy running here and there. So I guess it's time to take a break and have a cup of coffee in Starbucks.

Do you know that the Starbucks' founder initially wholesale coffee beans only? He's got attracted to those high-end fine dining restaurants during his visit to Italy and started this exotic coffee chain. The rest of the history you can get it here.

Anyway, just wanna share some photos that I've taken during my stop at PJ Uptown's Starbucks. All photos are unedited since I'm just too lazy to edit it one by one.

At the same time just comment about their corporate identity. They use a simple solid green font outlined with a white lining to make it contrast for their company's brand name. Whenever you pass by the shop, you surely can't miss it and definitely you would recognize from afar. It serves as a good landmark for the area.

Solid Green Company's Name

They not only have a good company brand sign but also have a unique company's logo and both goes hand in hand together to represent the company's identity.

Company's logo overhanging out for easier viewing from other angle

Another look at the company's logo through the glass panel

You know why I think the reason are paying RM10+ just to drink a cup of coffee? It's because of the internet connections. But that aside of course the atmosphere and environment is different. Still the time we stop by was because we need its internet connection. But we are not the only people. There were other customers that are typing and browsing through their laptops while sipping their coffee. During our stop by there were 2 Macs and a PC. I wonder how many Macs can you find in your area's Starbucks.

Mac in Starbuck

Aside from selling coffees, you know how Starbucks sucks your money? Yeah by selling cups to you. A simple white cup chop with their Starbucks logo and they sell you one for RM25+. For the same cup without the logo I can get for a price of RM5 or the most RM10. So you can imagine how much worth is their intangible assets. And mind you, they sells not only cups but also flasks and water bottles!

Now you see the cups?

Usually, a Starbucks Coffee Shop would divide their area into smoking zone and non-smoking zone. In the non-smoking zone they would provide you a much comfortable sofa whereby you can just relax have a chat with your friends or just simply surf the internet with your laptop and enjoy the air-conditioned, quiet environment.

On the other hand, the smoking zone you will find yourself surrounded by heaven's "cloud" which would leads you faster to hell. The furniture are much simpler like below and of course it's open air and affected by the loud traffic noise. Don't forget to use the ashtray provided.

Overlooking the heavy traffic outside

Looking at the reflected shadow through the glass panel

Starbucks' target market is the higher end consumer. Therefore they decorated their interior beautifully and suits the theme of rest and relax. Of course don't forget, for everything, you are paying RM10+ for a cup of coffee.

Different kinds of lightings

Since our purpose of dropping by is just to take advantage of their internet connection, we only ordered ONE cup of Frappuccino. I believe it was on offer at that time at RM11+ include service tax and charges. The formulae for this softdrink : (coffee + milk + sugar) x ice + cream. The taste, oversweeted cold coffee.


Is it suitable for Starbucks brand to stand side by side with Marlboro?

Coffee and laptops is the culture in Starbuck

It is not easy to find Starbucks and Mac together...

But is it tougher to find Starbuck and iPhone?

If you are getting a Starbucks Franchise, you would surely have to follow their terms and requirements especially renovating the your whole business premises to suit their theme. The only place that you are save from spending such overwhelming amount to promote its brand I guess should be the toilet...

UnStarbucksed toilet...

This last photo rounded up for my post on my Starbucks experience. Do share your adventure in Starbucks in the comment below if you have.

The Aliens left a sign after drinking Starbucks coffee


Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thursday

Just picked up the job of being a designer for my cousin. Since I've yet to find any job, I'm just helping my cousin around with his odd jobs. Even though most of the time I'm idle in his office but sometimes when things gets hot, you would actually end up going back home at around 11pm! The thing I enjoy working there is that the flexibility of working time and you get to learn different kind of jobs. The negative side of it is that I have to drive 20 minutes to his office which really burns my pocket considering that the fuel price had increase so much! -.-"

Anyway this is just a random post of what I've done on a random Thursday. Just learn to use Illustrator from a 2 day crash course lesson by my cousin. Basically it's somewhat similar to Photoshop except that Illustrator deal more with vector graphics. So the file size are supposed to be smaller than photoshop. Just that I don't know why both design I did are similarly BIG file size. ^.^ ( I think it's because of those photos la because they are not in Jpeg format but in PSD)

On that day, everybody was busy. Both my cousins are outstation in KL meeting. The rest of the colleagues went back after office hour. Since I had an appointment with my friends at night. I decided not to go back home first because I have to waste fuel coming out again. So I head over to Mori Cafe for my dinner and do some artwork.

Mori's Stage. The stage where Reico perform. ^.^

Illustrating at one corner in Mori Cafe

Did my work there after filling my stomach. On my way leaving I met an old friend Teen Lee. Hasn't see her for years. It was lucky of me to catch up with her abit. But I left in a short while to my next appointment.... Kung Fu Panda!

Yeap. My appointment was with Kung Fu Panda. Haven't stepped into the cinema for more than a year already. The last show that I watch was in MBO, Die Hard 4. Really a good show. Suddenly got an urge to watch it again. Haha. Anyway, I'm watching this movie with Shelly, Zhu, and Seok at MBO also. Met Jason there for his 2nd viewing. I wonder why he never gets tired of watching the same movie over and over again. Yeah, I can understand that he loves to watch movie and those movies are good. But watching the same movie over and over again within the same week... I really got no comment. *Shrug*

Kung Fu Panda is a really interesting movie. It is about a Panda who's a Kungfu freak but don't know any KungFu and for all reason are the Chosen One. Get any idea from this? Yeah, it's somewhat similar to Jackie Chan's recent movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. Well, the difference is that Jackie's movie was really dull. Combining elements from different chinese novel and remake into a story. Kung Fu Panda's story is much more interesting. Although the storyline concept is somewhat standard but with elements of humor and the animation, it really makes the whole cinema fill with happiness and laughter. You can even hear children laughing cheerfully non-stop. Dreamworks are really doing a good job.

I really like how they portray the characters. The Tigress, Monkey, Stalk, Mantis, Viper, Panda, Master Si Fu and Master Wu Gui! And not forgetting the Cougar (Thai Long) and the Rhinos Terracotta Soldiers. ^.^ The kungfu act in the movie is quit realistic as well. I meant as in they do apply some of the elements that we saw in our Chinese Kung Fu movies like the Tai Chi, the 5 animal kungfu style (tiger, monkey, mantis, stoke, snake). They even got acupuncture style (一阳指?) I thought that the Panda would be using the Drunken Kungfu Style (醉拳) since Jackie Chan is famous for it and he's involve in the movie as well. But there weren't.

Kungfu is not all about power and strength but it also depends on skills and countering weaknesses. In this movie, even though the Panda is just going through a crash course kungfu and may not be the best warrior in the story, but his ability to fight with the strongest opponent Tai Long by taking advantage of his strenght aka his fats to counter Tai Long deadliest skill acupuncture style really reflects the Kung Fu concept. As for the settings,the animations also really nice with old China as the environment and the Jade Palace is like Shaolin Temple + China's Imperial Palace with a little bit of heavenly feel.

I guess I should just stop here so that those who have not seen the movie would not scold me for spoiling their fun. Lately when I watch movies I would analyse a little bit about their characteristic and role. Not sure when I picked up this habit. Probably got it from watching Ichigo 100%. Next movie that should be anticipated is Madagascar: Escape To Africa. Oh I really like the Penguins especially. ^.^

On our way out after the movie, we caught sight of this really big panda standie. Took a picture with it. ^.^ Hat chah!

Guess this wrap up the day. Maybe I should get a clearer copy of this Kung Fu Panda Movie. ^.^ Enjoy the trailer below. Everybody wants Kung Fu Fighting~! Kyah!


Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm officially graduate!!!

Yeah! Finally I'm graduate!

After 6 years of studies; spending more than RM50,000; fooling around here and there; going through sleepless nights; drowning myself with tonnes of caffeine, I am officially GRADUATE!!!

So what's next? Search for jobs lor...
What job? Either accounting ke, Tax ke, Audit ke or JKR lor...
Future plan? Got bayang, but don't have a very very clear vision.
Why leh? Coz I'm too greedy, this 1 wan to do that 1 also wanna do. Mou ban fat ler... Wan Sek jer ma...

Looking back from the day after I finish my last exam what have I done:

  1. Help cousin clean office
  2. Help cousin reformat computer (for 3 days off and on got problem)
  3. Help cousin prepare training kit for his new trainees (spend 3 days only finally finish)
  4. Went KL shopping with brother and friends 1 whole day and met up with god sis
  5. Went up to KL with cousin became his driver because he's too tired, so support him abit.
  6. Finish watching Catch Me Now (原来爱上贼) drama within 3 days.
  7. God sis came down to Melaka for a visit. So accompany her and her friends around.
  8. Finish watching 古灵精探 drama within 2 days.
  9. Finish burning and backup all animes and drama series in DVDs.
  10. Went cousin's office help a bit here and there and welcome the new trainees.
  11. Follow cousins and friend to Setiawan to meet some friend and look for business opportunity.
  12. Cut my hair and prepare all my resumes. Want to start find jobs because most of my friends had already found theirs. Pressure now. >.<"
So what's my next plan? There's so much things I want to do:
  1. Pick up illustrator. Cousin had taught me some minor important stuffs. Need to practice alot.
  2. Write a story. Lately before going to sleep always have this idea in my mind. Wanna write something up with Rein as the main character but still have not prepare the plot.
  3. Buy a domain for this website. Thinking of monetizing this blog better. Wondering if I use my own name to develop the brand will be good or not.
  4. Anticipating figure/figma of Yagami Hayate out. Must buy!
  5. Create another blog on business card design and try to monetize it?
  6. Making another trip to KL again to meet up my mentor and relatives to settle his education website Arrowfocus.
  7. Join a non-profit organization to do some community service at the same time network?

So many things to do, so little time. I'm so greedy. But no matter what, priority is that I am finish with my university at the moment and I AM GRADUATE!!! Do come to my convocation in MMU Cyberjaya on the 10th of August 2008. See you there then! Don't forget to bring presents for me! I wan a Seiko automatic watch and Belldandy or Nanoha Series Figma please! Don't give me flowers or teddy bears! >.<"


Saturday, June 7, 2008

A day in Melaka

After running up and down, busying helping around my cousin, finally it's Sunday. Been used to working and nearly became a workaholic and suddenly today I woke up, there isn't much things to do. So I decided just take the day slowly and watch some anime.

Woke up in the morning, had a dumpling made by my aunty with Rein and watch Kaiketsu Zorori The Movie. Will comment about the movie in a later post. Continued my anime marathon through lunch and was kind of tired. Couldn't get out of the room because dad had a tuition session in the living room so I just have to cook inside my room. Lucky I've receive a call from my god sis, Melody. She just arrived from Kuala Lumpur for a 1 day trip photo snapping session with her 2 friends. She invited me to meet them up and I gladly accepted to kill my boredom.

Went to Nadeja since they had not tried out their thousand layer cakes. There wasn't much choice left in the fridge. So we ordered their original flavour, cheese flavour and chiffon cake.

Original Flavour

Chocolate Chiffon

Chese Flavour

And some rose tea to quench our thirsts.

While enjoying around the food, we played around with our cameras. Imagine 4 people armed with 5 cameras capturing around non-stop. The equipments: 1 Sony Alpha 300, 1 Sony Alpha 350 which is a newer version, 1 Sony H3, 1 Sony T2 and my Nikon Coolpix S51.

Capturing some random photos during our break.

Magnified Cake Through the glass

Looking at the reflection

After that we went through Dataran Pahlawan to Melaka Historical place, the A'Famosa Stone Gate where all the tourist take their photos non-stop.

Melaka Sultanate Museum

There were too many people there so it isn't easy to get a clear shots. While my friends and sister are still taking photos here and there (only at the gate) with different angles, I went around to take some random shots around the site. And you can see these Trishaw are waiting around for customers with their fully decorated bike. Previously I heard that if you were to take a photo with them, you would need to pay RM5 just for it. But it seems the ridiculous price had been waived off. But as for taking the ride, you would need to fork out about RM5- RM10. The last time I ride a Trishaw was when I was just 5 years old. I remember I sat with my mum and we only pay like 60 sen just for the ride.

Sponsored by Melaka Government?

Sponsored by Maxis?

"Economy not so good huh?"

Light up Trishaws

After a hard day's play, we are all worned out and hungry. We stopped by Banya (a combination of Baba & Nyonya) Restaurant for our dinner. If you are going to eat Nyonya food, I would suggest to eat their Ponteh or Rendang to be your first order. As for us, we ordered their Ponteh, Squid cook with Chilies and salt, fried egg without cencaruk (although I would love to taste some cencaruk), asam fish and a plate of fried kangkung.

Chicken Ponteh

Sotong Chili Garam

Fried Egg

After filling up our tummy, as usual for all Melaka Tourist, for the night attractions, the only place that we should not miss out is the Jonker Street. I've posted some photos of it so I din't capture any unless there are some interesting views.

It was nearly 12pm by the time we separate our path. After a few post about Jonker Street, I suddenly have an inspiration. Will try to take some photos of the buildings along Jonker street and write some of the history behind it.

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