Monday, August 25, 2008


Finally I've graduated! Looking at all those graduation photos in my friend's blog, maybe I think.. I should join in the fun too!

Still awaiting for Koon Yew to send in the photos. Not sure what happend to him these few days. Keep on message him but no reply. -.-"

Others are back to work, in DND mode, AFK and BRB. Not many are contactable. The minute you see them, the first thing they ask from you is... "Where's my photo?"

Camwhored myself during the convocation. Later will post up those photos and blog about it. In the mean time...

I've Graduated!!! Yes!


Thursday, August 21, 2008

It's a Family Affair~

After spending RM50 for a pair of robe, you don't expect it to be use just for your graduation right? You have to Utilize it of course! This also means that if you are graduating...

Your relative is graduating 2...

Your sister is graduating 3...

Your brother is graduating 4!

Ah! Finally Merdeka d!

Sis, you are next up!

Double Fun! Double Grads!

Meet the Funs!

I don't usually get presents during my birthday, not to mention cakes. But for once in your lifetime, somebody still remember you. A graduation cake! Chocolate Chiffon topped with creams.

Grad Cake!

Durian to celebrate?

24Ds to celebrate the day!

Pieces of cake

A perfect D24 durian to end the celebration...

Thank you to my parents, my family and myself. Thanks for everything. Life's still continues don't worry. Here's another member to join in the workforce and pay income tax to government...


Monday, August 18, 2008

Convocation 2008

Uploaded these photos awhile ago. But was getting too lazy to type. Besides, the Convo had pass nearly 1 month. The story had became stale. Those who had yet to get the photos can download from here all email me to ask for it. Am also waiting for others to send it over here. Lazy~

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