Saturday, December 27, 2008


My O'l faithful Nokia 6230 had been going cranky these few months. It never rings when it should, it shows battery depleted when it's was just fully charge an hour ago and the worst thing, it cut off my conversations off and on.

Got fed up with it and decided, it's time to change.

After browsing Sony Ericssons' website for sometime, decided I should get this:

SE T700

Couldn't get a screen protector so I just have to make do with this casing.

It's sleek, light and compact with all the functions sufficient for my use. I've always search for phones which are executive look, simple but contrast design and this phone just suits all my requirements. I don't listen much to music, I have my own camera and I don't play much games. While these phone is just sufficient to play MP3, if slotted a 4GB M2 disk in, I can split my ears with all the musics in my laptop. The 3.2Megapixel camera function is cool as I can take quick snapshots whenever I want if I forgot to bring my S51. This phone's perk is that if you are a heavy internet surfer, it really is good for you. But considering that if I want to do that, I might as well get an iPhone or a HP tablet which have bigger screen. And the price of surfing on the net ain't cheap either, so let's just forget about it.

One thing I like the phone is its preset Google Map. I think this is something my old phone can't do. I don't even have to register for a GPS system. And it loads fast too!

SE don't really give you much themes and stuffs like this. It encourage you to buy and download from their website. However if you are buying from phoneshops, probably they will insert into your 512MB Memory Disk. If any of you guys have some nice templates do send me. Thanks!

After getting this phone. I spend 1 week setting the phones. Registering all my friends numbers, saving up all the nice messages I received previoiusly and transfering my favourite songs into the phone. I tried went to Tesco and around town to search for its screen protector, but aparantly, it seems like nobody is selling it. The reason: the phone is still new. I'm not too sure is it true or not because I saw this phone in some HK dramas long before. And this phone had been like promoted in the SE's Website for quite some time. Maybe this phone is not so popular in Melaka.

The greatest thing that happend to this phone till today, is that my uncle just spammed me 4 pornographic videos via bluetooth. Lolx... Anybody who want's it can ask from me when you see me. I can bluetooth to you though I had already deleted 2. Why I keep the other 2? *Grin* Dowan to tell you. :P

Anyway, this is a good phone to use. Might wanna download some games or other features once I get an 4GB Memory Disk. Check out its official site to know more about this phone.

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