Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tampin Satay

Do you know that you can cross 2 states in less than 20 minutes?

There's this town in Melaka called Tampin. It's a small town, but it's divided into 2 parts. One part belong to Melaka and another to Negeri Sembilan. My friend, Jason, a famous blogger came from there.

Anyway, what's there in this small town? Well, after celebrating New Year 2009, me and a friend of mine went for Satay in Tampin nearby which had been recommended by another dear friend of mine.

Satay Tampin

So what's so special about this Satay compare to our normal Melaka satay? First thing, it's pork satay! You don't get pork satay everyday in town, do you? Second, it's marinated with juicy honey. *Drools* Much more tastier then your Char Siew Fun. And the best part of it, if you can't wait, you can always barbeque yourself! Craps. Lucky I asked this leng zhai ko ko to help me. If not we both gonna eat charred pork.

Smoking the satays

The stall only opens at 12 midnight, according to my friend. When we reach there, there are already so many people. Lucky there's one group leaving and we managed to get some seats. Since it was my first time there, I saw people queing up so I follow as well. My friend take his seat there alone like a big boss. *Grin*

Surviving skill rule #2 : When you don't know, ASK! I asked around how to order and this and that from another kind leng zhai who's queing up as well and get to know that the boss got no time to entertain you. Just queue up, and when it's your turn, just tell them you wan how many. Alternatively, grab a bunch of the satay, and go to the DIY pot to BBQ.

15 juicy Pork Satay

The rice was gone when I reach there. So no chance to order some to soaked it with their satay curry saurce. Even the cucumber are missing. People are grabbing the sticks like nobody's business. Bunches after bunches vanished from the pot. I can imagine that the boss are selling like tens of thousands of satays every night. Each satay steak is sold for 50sen. That's RM7.50 for our supper. Reasonably good compare to other Satays in town.

So are you drooling now? ^.^

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