Wednesday, January 7, 2009

A Christmas Present - C2

You've seen my New Year Cover Page. What do you think of it?

Last Christmas, I got a surprise present from my dear friend. The one and only christmas gift I received this year. Hahaha..

And it was her:

Many of you will ask, why CC. Well, actually it was suggested by my friend to name it after her. But the name she gave was kind of long abit and might be confusing. So I decided to cut it short by using the first 2 initial only - CC. And to make it more dramatic/bombastic/techie, I replaced it with, C2.

Many of you might think that, since I like animes, and there's a character in Code Geass named C.C. as well, I name my doggie after her. Well, nope. So don't confuse both of them okay? ^.^

C2 is always happy.

Her tail is short so you can't see her wags it.

But still she's always happy.^.^

Is she cute?

She likes to play on my bed.

Sometimes she comes disturb me when I'm working.

She's obedient and listen to you if you tell her properly.

So, do you like my doggie? ^.^

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