Wednesday, January 21, 2009

New Year Celebration - Fire Works

2008 had pass, come 2009. How was your New Year?

Back to the first day of the year, went to A'Famosa to welcome the new 2009. Actually the plan was to shoot some photos. Since they will be realeasing fireworks that night, it's a good chance to try out my friend's new LX3.

There were two session on that day. The first session was around 10pm. I and my friend were busy at the hotel A'Famosa part, taking the scene around there when I heard the loud bang. We rushed out of the hotel to see the fireworks shows.

My S51 was in auto mode at that time and I don't want to waste any time changing my settings. Straight away, I quickly press my triggers and start snapping. It's a pity, my eQs are only a S51 and there's a 1-2 second shutter lags. However, I do get some nice shots. Photos are below:

Fire Shower

Fire Flower

Fiery Bouquet

Lighting Splat?

Sparkling flower
Those are the first session. The second session was at 12 midnight. I was sitting right in front of the place where they release. The fireworks shot up the sky at precisely midnight sharp lighting up the sky.Sitting just by the road side, I was amazed, showered by the magnificent fire sparks.

Unfortunately the lights were too close and bright that my camera only captures all the fire in the dark sky...

Test shots, getting ready.

Workers getting ready.

Audience getting ready too. Sitting a row.

The milky way is sparkling!

There's fire everywhere.

Bom! Kabom! and BooM!

Burning Skies.

This looks like Hollywood Fire Fiery.

Cooling down...

...But more to come..

There's rocket in the sky

Shooting up a wishing star...

And a wonderful 2009.

After taking this photo. I realise maybe, I should've control the lightings to make it lower. Compare mine with Jason's fireworks photo and Robin's here, here and here, mine is still child play. Lolx. No worry, dad gonna get his D90 next few months. I just have to be patient. *Grin* kekeke....

P.S.: Please don't be stingy with your comments. The more critic, the better.

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