Friday, January 2, 2009

Caffeine Addict!

The other day I went for a job in some client's company. It was a Switzland Company. We were treated with this:

2 bottles of water and 3 small cup of what?

It's Caffeine!

Caffeine from Switzland.

You see such stuff selling in the market?

Maybe you can get it in Ikea?

Took these pictures with my T700

It's hard to focus in Macro using T700

That's the coffee machine

Just insert the cube thingy inside. And press start.

Coffee will be served.

Accroding to my colleauge, it's called Cappucino~

The taste?...

Taste like coffee.

It's fragrance.

and it's not dark.

Do add some creamer to make it nicer.

Yes, it seems snowing outside.

Drinking coffee at a cold environment is enjoying, right?

Anyone Kopi-O?

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