Saturday, March 22, 2008

My Camera Set

After getting my new digital camera S51, I tried out some shots around. Bringing everywhere I go. You know it's the initial craze of owning something. You just snap everything that you look amazing or beautiful. Things would eventually get bored and you will be busy something else.

My Nikon S51 is nice. I get to take photos for long hours. The scrolling functions allowed me to scroll through the photos fast. Yi Chong thanks for the advice! Lucky I got this 3" LCD screen. And the capability of capturing candid photos while people are not watching since there's no zooming in and out lenses to notify the subject.

Other than the camera, I was determined to buy some accessories for it. A water proof bag and an extra battery. I needed a water proof bag because I am going Pulau Perhentian! An extra battery is because I don't want to be left hanging when I'm out of battery. Jason recommended me Shashinki online shop. After checking out in physical shops around town, I find that Shashinki are selling at the cheaper price. The water proof bag was selling at RM99 and the battery at RM98. Delivery is free for purchase above RM50. I banked in RM200 into their account. Stupid Maybank don't allow smaller notes. I only can feed in RM50 notes into the ATM machine. Why I don't use online transactions? My account was blocked and I've tried several times calling their customer service to reactivate it but they just won't pick up their phone. Keep connecting me to their automated machines. Wasted my credits and time. Maybank? Full of shits!

The normal procedures of online purchase, you bank in money to their account, snap and send the bank in slip to them. After confirming your transaction, they will send an email to confirm with you and post your products to you.

In two days time, I received this.

Inside I opened. A box of battery and a water proof bag.

The battery. Nikon EN-EL8 for Nikon's compact cameras.

Camera water proof bag. Dicapac WP-700 underwater casing.

The water proof bag is sealable.

If you just bought something water proof, check out by trying it inside the water. If there's bubbles coming out from it it means it's spoilt. Never try putting your camera inside during testing. If the bag is spoilt, you can kiss your camera goodbye!

My camera box from my previous digital camera also by Nikon.

Inside the camera box, I have my camera bag, my camera pouch, extra battery, video input output, battery charger. Complete!

P/S: Wait till I show off my Rm99 water proof bag! ^.^

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