Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Miku! Miku! Miku! Hatsune Miku!

After acquiring Rein and Nanoha it's been awhile I've been playing with toys. Yeah, you still think I'm too big to play toys? <*Grin*> I still play them. And now, I just got new ideas to play with them. ^.^

Coincidentally, I'm getting the same toy that's featured in the figma theater - Hatsune Miku! It was one of the impulsive buying even though I've been dragging the purchase for more then 3 months. ^.^ It's still an impulsive buy.

Got it from TeenCom

It come like any other figma in a box.

All the accessories inside.

Miku ready setup.

It comes with a microphone and stand.

Here's our beautiful host

La~ la~ la~

Angle shot during Miku's debut concert

"Minasan! Miku-desu!"


"Let's sing everybody"

The earpiece makes her cool, but the mic gives her a more splendid touch.

I would say this is a very beautiful figma.

Just that, her hair is kind of greenish purple compare to the animes that we saw in blue.

But with lightings, she looks gorgeous!

"So here I am Minasan! Yoroshiku~"

Okay everybody, that's all for today's songs.

Adding her to my collections.

Ops, don't forget C2 too!

Remember I mentioned that I'm getting Fate. Well, I am! Paid everything for it already. Got it from FigureMall again. Just waiting for another one, Hayate, and that I will have the complete set of Nanoha Series !!! It's a pity that I missed out the Yagami Hayate figure which would cost me a BOMB! ... for a good or bad reason. Hehehe..

So, at the same age as me, do you play toys? ^.^

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