Sunday, June 22, 2008

Starbucks Break

Was busy running here and there. So I guess it's time to take a break and have a cup of coffee in Starbucks.

Do you know that the Starbucks' founder initially wholesale coffee beans only? He's got attracted to those high-end fine dining restaurants during his visit to Italy and started this exotic coffee chain. The rest of the history you can get it here.

Anyway, just wanna share some photos that I've taken during my stop at PJ Uptown's Starbucks. All photos are unedited since I'm just too lazy to edit it one by one.

At the same time just comment about their corporate identity. They use a simple solid green font outlined with a white lining to make it contrast for their company's brand name. Whenever you pass by the shop, you surely can't miss it and definitely you would recognize from afar. It serves as a good landmark for the area.

Solid Green Company's Name

They not only have a good company brand sign but also have a unique company's logo and both goes hand in hand together to represent the company's identity.

Company's logo overhanging out for easier viewing from other angle

Another look at the company's logo through the glass panel

You know why I think the reason are paying RM10+ just to drink a cup of coffee? It's because of the internet connections. But that aside of course the atmosphere and environment is different. Still the time we stop by was because we need its internet connection. But we are not the only people. There were other customers that are typing and browsing through their laptops while sipping their coffee. During our stop by there were 2 Macs and a PC. I wonder how many Macs can you find in your area's Starbucks.

Mac in Starbuck

Aside from selling coffees, you know how Starbucks sucks your money? Yeah by selling cups to you. A simple white cup chop with their Starbucks logo and they sell you one for RM25+. For the same cup without the logo I can get for a price of RM5 or the most RM10. So you can imagine how much worth is their intangible assets. And mind you, they sells not only cups but also flasks and water bottles!

Now you see the cups?

Usually, a Starbucks Coffee Shop would divide their area into smoking zone and non-smoking zone. In the non-smoking zone they would provide you a much comfortable sofa whereby you can just relax have a chat with your friends or just simply surf the internet with your laptop and enjoy the air-conditioned, quiet environment.

On the other hand, the smoking zone you will find yourself surrounded by heaven's "cloud" which would leads you faster to hell. The furniture are much simpler like below and of course it's open air and affected by the loud traffic noise. Don't forget to use the ashtray provided.

Overlooking the heavy traffic outside

Looking at the reflected shadow through the glass panel

Starbucks' target market is the higher end consumer. Therefore they decorated their interior beautifully and suits the theme of rest and relax. Of course don't forget, for everything, you are paying RM10+ for a cup of coffee.

Different kinds of lightings

Since our purpose of dropping by is just to take advantage of their internet connection, we only ordered ONE cup of Frappuccino. I believe it was on offer at that time at RM11+ include service tax and charges. The formulae for this softdrink : (coffee + milk + sugar) x ice + cream. The taste, oversweeted cold coffee.


Is it suitable for Starbucks brand to stand side by side with Marlboro?

Coffee and laptops is the culture in Starbuck

It is not easy to find Starbucks and Mac together...

But is it tougher to find Starbuck and iPhone?

If you are getting a Starbucks Franchise, you would surely have to follow their terms and requirements especially renovating the your whole business premises to suit their theme. The only place that you are save from spending such overwhelming amount to promote its brand I guess should be the toilet...

UnStarbucksed toilet...

This last photo rounded up for my post on my Starbucks experience. Do share your adventure in Starbucks in the comment below if you have.

The Aliens left a sign after drinking Starbucks coffee

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