Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thursday

Just picked up the job of being a designer for my cousin. Since I've yet to find any job, I'm just helping my cousin around with his odd jobs. Even though most of the time I'm idle in his office but sometimes when things gets hot, you would actually end up going back home at around 11pm! The thing I enjoy working there is that the flexibility of working time and you get to learn different kind of jobs. The negative side of it is that I have to drive 20 minutes to his office which really burns my pocket considering that the fuel price had increase so much! -.-"

Anyway this is just a random post of what I've done on a random Thursday. Just learn to use Illustrator from a 2 day crash course lesson by my cousin. Basically it's somewhat similar to Photoshop except that Illustrator deal more with vector graphics. So the file size are supposed to be smaller than photoshop. Just that I don't know why both design I did are similarly BIG file size. ^.^ ( I think it's because of those photos la because they are not in Jpeg format but in PSD)

On that day, everybody was busy. Both my cousins are outstation in KL meeting. The rest of the colleagues went back after office hour. Since I had an appointment with my friends at night. I decided not to go back home first because I have to waste fuel coming out again. So I head over to Mori Cafe for my dinner and do some artwork.

Mori's Stage. The stage where Reico perform. ^.^

Illustrating at one corner in Mori Cafe

Did my work there after filling my stomach. On my way leaving I met an old friend Teen Lee. Hasn't see her for years. It was lucky of me to catch up with her abit. But I left in a short while to my next appointment.... Kung Fu Panda!

Yeap. My appointment was with Kung Fu Panda. Haven't stepped into the cinema for more than a year already. The last show that I watch was in MBO, Die Hard 4. Really a good show. Suddenly got an urge to watch it again. Haha. Anyway, I'm watching this movie with Shelly, Zhu, and Seok at MBO also. Met Jason there for his 2nd viewing. I wonder why he never gets tired of watching the same movie over and over again. Yeah, I can understand that he loves to watch movie and those movies are good. But watching the same movie over and over again within the same week... I really got no comment. *Shrug*

Kung Fu Panda is a really interesting movie. It is about a Panda who's a Kungfu freak but don't know any KungFu and for all reason are the Chosen One. Get any idea from this? Yeah, it's somewhat similar to Jackie Chan's recent movie, The Forbidden Kingdom. Well, the difference is that Jackie's movie was really dull. Combining elements from different chinese novel and remake into a story. Kung Fu Panda's story is much more interesting. Although the storyline concept is somewhat standard but with elements of humor and the animation, it really makes the whole cinema fill with happiness and laughter. You can even hear children laughing cheerfully non-stop. Dreamworks are really doing a good job.

I really like how they portray the characters. The Tigress, Monkey, Stalk, Mantis, Viper, Panda, Master Si Fu and Master Wu Gui! And not forgetting the Cougar (Thai Long) and the Rhinos Terracotta Soldiers. ^.^ The kungfu act in the movie is quit realistic as well. I meant as in they do apply some of the elements that we saw in our Chinese Kung Fu movies like the Tai Chi, the 5 animal kungfu style (tiger, monkey, mantis, stoke, snake). They even got acupuncture style (一阳指?) I thought that the Panda would be using the Drunken Kungfu Style (醉拳) since Jackie Chan is famous for it and he's involve in the movie as well. But there weren't.

Kungfu is not all about power and strength but it also depends on skills and countering weaknesses. In this movie, even though the Panda is just going through a crash course kungfu and may not be the best warrior in the story, but his ability to fight with the strongest opponent Tai Long by taking advantage of his strenght aka his fats to counter Tai Long deadliest skill acupuncture style really reflects the Kung Fu concept. As for the settings,the animations also really nice with old China as the environment and the Jade Palace is like Shaolin Temple + China's Imperial Palace with a little bit of heavenly feel.

I guess I should just stop here so that those who have not seen the movie would not scold me for spoiling their fun. Lately when I watch movies I would analyse a little bit about their characteristic and role. Not sure when I picked up this habit. Probably got it from watching Ichigo 100%. Next movie that should be anticipated is Madagascar: Escape To Africa. Oh I really like the Penguins especially. ^.^

On our way out after the movie, we caught sight of this really big panda standie. Took a picture with it. ^.^ Hat chah!

Guess this wrap up the day. Maybe I should get a clearer copy of this Kung Fu Panda Movie. ^.^ Enjoy the trailer below. Everybody wants Kung Fu Fighting~! Kyah!

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