Thursday, May 29, 2008

A Night along the Melaka River

Having passing by Melaka Town during the nights but never get to really stop by to admire the RM25 million project. So I had chosen one nite just to go take some of the photos. The illustration are not in sequence.

A view of Melaka River with Jalan Hang Tuah as the background

Crossing over the bridge to Bunga Raya

Along the river bank

蓝色情人桥 (Bluish Lover's Bridge)

Ferry Wheel along the river bank

Have you tried to cruise along the Melaka River?

The Ferry Wheel's shadow on the water

A view of the Park

A view of the river cruise

Lighted house along the river bank

A blur vision of the river

A mixture of blue and red colour

Ferry Wheel across the bridge

More Ferry Wheel

Blue lights under the bridge

Hotel along the Melaka River

The bridge with its shadow

Fountain Pool

Ferry Wheel from afar

River Bank Light house

Across the blue bridge

A view of Ferry Wheel from below

Another view from another angle

The exciting pirateship

Welcome to Melaka River Pirate Park

A view from the otherside

Night photos are not really easy to take. With a little bit of slight movement your photos will become blur. Please comment without mercy of the photos. Thanks for reading.

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