Monday, June 30, 2008

24 years and a 1/2

It's been 24 years and a half that I came to this world. 24 years of sleeping and eating, 18 years of studying, 12 years of fooling around, 6 years of wondering what I wanted and three years of romantic affairs. Finally, I ended up today.

Learning what I can, exploring what I encounter. Finally, it's coming to end of the first chapter and starting or my second chapter, community service. ^.^

I still remember when I first started to step into the society, my mentor explain to me that there are many different things in this world that we won't easily understand. But in order to succeed in our life we need to follow a few simple principles. And that he gave me 5 chinese letters.


知(Knowledge) -
To be successful, we need to be knowledgeable. We learn in order to improve ourselves so that in need of time, we are able to make use of our knowledge. In this world, the reality is that the foolish are always being taken advantage of by the smarter. To outsmart and outlast, we would need to depends on our wisdom to survive. The knowledge to deal and manage things which are beyond or within our control. The knowledge that help us grasp what we wanted. The knowledge the helps us differentiate good from evil. Knowledge give us a direction and a path.

勇 (Courage) - To be successful, we must dare to take up the challenge. We must dare pursue our dream. We must dare to accept defeat. Our courage are the one that pushes us to our limit.

信 (Faith / Trust) - To be successful, you must trust yourself. Have faith in this world that not everything you encounter is bad. There's always blessing in disguise it all depends on the way you look at it and handle it. When dealing with people, you would have to put your trust on others as well.

严 (Preservere) - To be successful, you have to have a systematic way to deal with things and stay with it. Keeping to your own system would simplify your responsibility and you will be clear of what you are doing.

人 (People) - Finally to be successful, you have to learn how to deal with people. You would need to understand what people are thinking and how to manage them.

From here on, it's a new journey for me ahead. 24 years and a 1/2 later, let's see where am I. Yosh! Gambateh!

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