Saturday, June 7, 2008

A day in Melaka

After running up and down, busying helping around my cousin, finally it's Sunday. Been used to working and nearly became a workaholic and suddenly today I woke up, there isn't much things to do. So I decided just take the day slowly and watch some anime.

Woke up in the morning, had a dumpling made by my aunty with Rein and watch Kaiketsu Zorori The Movie. Will comment about the movie in a later post. Continued my anime marathon through lunch and was kind of tired. Couldn't get out of the room because dad had a tuition session in the living room so I just have to cook inside my room. Lucky I've receive a call from my god sis, Melody. She just arrived from Kuala Lumpur for a 1 day trip photo snapping session with her 2 friends. She invited me to meet them up and I gladly accepted to kill my boredom.

Went to Nadeja since they had not tried out their thousand layer cakes. There wasn't much choice left in the fridge. So we ordered their original flavour, cheese flavour and chiffon cake.

Original Flavour

Chocolate Chiffon

Chese Flavour

And some rose tea to quench our thirsts.

While enjoying around the food, we played around with our cameras. Imagine 4 people armed with 5 cameras capturing around non-stop. The equipments: 1 Sony Alpha 300, 1 Sony Alpha 350 which is a newer version, 1 Sony H3, 1 Sony T2 and my Nikon Coolpix S51.

Capturing some random photos during our break.

Magnified Cake Through the glass

Looking at the reflection

After that we went through Dataran Pahlawan to Melaka Historical place, the A'Famosa Stone Gate where all the tourist take their photos non-stop.

Melaka Sultanate Museum

There were too many people there so it isn't easy to get a clear shots. While my friends and sister are still taking photos here and there (only at the gate) with different angles, I went around to take some random shots around the site. And you can see these Trishaw are waiting around for customers with their fully decorated bike. Previously I heard that if you were to take a photo with them, you would need to pay RM5 just for it. But it seems the ridiculous price had been waived off. But as for taking the ride, you would need to fork out about RM5- RM10. The last time I ride a Trishaw was when I was just 5 years old. I remember I sat with my mum and we only pay like 60 sen just for the ride.

Sponsored by Melaka Government?

Sponsored by Maxis?

"Economy not so good huh?"

Light up Trishaws

After a hard day's play, we are all worned out and hungry. We stopped by Banya (a combination of Baba & Nyonya) Restaurant for our dinner. If you are going to eat Nyonya food, I would suggest to eat their Ponteh or Rendang to be your first order. As for us, we ordered their Ponteh, Squid cook with Chilies and salt, fried egg without cencaruk (although I would love to taste some cencaruk), asam fish and a plate of fried kangkung.

Chicken Ponteh

Sotong Chili Garam

Fried Egg

After filling up our tummy, as usual for all Melaka Tourist, for the night attractions, the only place that we should not miss out is the Jonker Street. I've posted some photos of it so I din't capture any unless there are some interesting views.

It was nearly 12pm by the time we separate our path. After a few post about Jonker Street, I suddenly have an inspiration. Will try to take some photos of the buildings along Jonker street and write some of the history behind it.

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