Tuesday, June 3, 2008

KL Frenzy

Been very busy here and there both leisure and work. Drove up KL to Sungei Wang and Times Square to shop for some working clothes. Coincidentally, there was a Gundam Fair in the lower ground floor of the complex. Those Gundams that are displayed are mostly owned by serious collectors. Some are nicely done and some weren't. But mostly are the usual Gundam Wing and Seeds. They are also selling the models at a reasonable lower price.

With over 5 million population centered in Klang Valley, no wonder you can find all kinds of nice food here. The downside of it, it's expensive! >.<" (Compare to Melaka la!) Still, if you have the money, go for it. When I was in Sg Wang, we had our lunch in this Hong Kong Restaurants. I have no idea even they are serving "Maggie Mee" with Luncheon Meat and Eggs, they taste so much nicer than those instant noodles that you cook yourself (for me). I also been to IKEA with my cousin to get some chairs for their trainees. Maybe it's because we were too hungry at that time, but still the Salmons and Fresh Prawn Sandwiches taste really good! It's a pity that I'm staying in Melaka. Really hope that they are able to serve such good food!

Been very tired for the whole week but really enjoyable! ^.^ Thanks for reading.

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