Monday, June 9, 2008

I'm officially graduate!!!

Yeah! Finally I'm graduate!

After 6 years of studies; spending more than RM50,000; fooling around here and there; going through sleepless nights; drowning myself with tonnes of caffeine, I am officially GRADUATE!!!

So what's next? Search for jobs lor...
What job? Either accounting ke, Tax ke, Audit ke or JKR lor...
Future plan? Got bayang, but don't have a very very clear vision.
Why leh? Coz I'm too greedy, this 1 wan to do that 1 also wanna do. Mou ban fat ler... Wan Sek jer ma...

Looking back from the day after I finish my last exam what have I done:

  1. Help cousin clean office
  2. Help cousin reformat computer (for 3 days off and on got problem)
  3. Help cousin prepare training kit for his new trainees (spend 3 days only finally finish)
  4. Went KL shopping with brother and friends 1 whole day and met up with god sis
  5. Went up to KL with cousin became his driver because he's too tired, so support him abit.
  6. Finish watching Catch Me Now (原来爱上贼) drama within 3 days.
  7. God sis came down to Melaka for a visit. So accompany her and her friends around.
  8. Finish watching 古灵精探 drama within 2 days.
  9. Finish burning and backup all animes and drama series in DVDs.
  10. Went cousin's office help a bit here and there and welcome the new trainees.
  11. Follow cousins and friend to Setiawan to meet some friend and look for business opportunity.
  12. Cut my hair and prepare all my resumes. Want to start find jobs because most of my friends had already found theirs. Pressure now. >.<"
So what's my next plan? There's so much things I want to do:
  1. Pick up illustrator. Cousin had taught me some minor important stuffs. Need to practice alot.
  2. Write a story. Lately before going to sleep always have this idea in my mind. Wanna write something up with Rein as the main character but still have not prepare the plot.
  3. Buy a domain for this website. Thinking of monetizing this blog better. Wondering if I use my own name to develop the brand will be good or not.
  4. Anticipating figure/figma of Yagami Hayate out. Must buy!
  5. Create another blog on business card design and try to monetize it?
  6. Making another trip to KL again to meet up my mentor and relatives to settle his education website Arrowfocus.
  7. Join a non-profit organization to do some community service at the same time network?

So many things to do, so little time. I'm so greedy. But no matter what, priority is that I am finish with my university at the moment and I AM GRADUATE!!! Do come to my convocation in MMU Cyberjaya on the 10th of August 2008. See you there then! Don't forget to bring presents for me! I wan a Seiko automatic watch and Belldandy or Nanoha Series Figma please! Don't give me flowers or teddy bears! >.<"

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