Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Little Dissappointment...

Lately been studying very hard. Life is too bored. Either face the book or face my laptop with all my notes. Being everyday woke up by the sound of drilling from the behind neighbor house makes me wanna vomit and sick

Nearing the exam dates, I just couldn't stand anymore and need someplace to release stress. So I browse through my animes and watched Nanoha StirkerS! Then I got addicted with their beautiful girls. So I surf the net and guess what I found... 

Reinforce Zwei

I immediately fall in love with it. Browse through some figures website all priced at about RM215 from TeenCom. Prices at other countries such as Japan and US are much cheaper. But I guess if you consider the cost of shipment it comes around that price too. So I clicked the pre-order button and wait.

2 days later, an email came back.

Product : MGLNSRZ - Magic Girl Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS - Reinforce Zwei, MYR215.00, Quantity : 1, Subtotal : MYR215-OUT OF STOCK!
Sob! >.<" It is out of stock! Compare with other more famous PVC models such as the Haruhi or Final Fantasies, this is something rare and worth collecting. The costume designs, the cuteness, and the fantasies (magic), etcs. I just love it. Oh well, I just have to try other website for it or find it in Sg Wang when I'm in KL next month. Aish.. *Dissappointed*

P/S: This is my first time planning to buy a PVC model after all these years of watching animes.

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