Sunday, July 20, 2008

Photo Session for Mamak Food

Just got a job recently as an Auditor in H.L. Lim. Life's cool lately. Enjoying my work. I won't deny that audit work is one of the "horrible" jobs in the field, but if you have nice helpful colleagues and "seng mok" attitude.

Back to Treblefun, we just got a job that requires us to take photos of Mamak Food! So we asked Yi Chong a pro photographer to help us take good quality pictures. Let's take a look at how Yi Chong work. ^.^

The whole photo session lasted 3 hours. Can't imagine just to take photos of 5 dishes and 3 cups of drinks we need such a long time. I wonder what if we are taking models' photos. >.<" But all in all, it is a great experience facing all those difficulties in taking a good shots.

Sorry I was too tired to post any captions for the photos above. Maybe next post I will do better. :P

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