Monday, May 4, 2009

When you meet angry Rin

It's been awhile since I update my blog. In fact it's two weeks. Times flies really fast. Been around and busy around. Though I took quite a number of photos. My weekends just couldn't stop there. There's so much going on. Anyway, as an Otaku, surely I have to post up some of my figma collections. ^.^

My figmas are really angry with me now. Look at Rin.

She's looks like going to kill me if I don't post this up. ^.^;;

Well, actually I got her a few weeks ago. Just that I've been busy around helping out others and doing some outdoor model shootings. Here and here. Well it was a fun experience. ^.^ Will post up some edited photos later on.

Back to Rin, she's from the popular game/anime Fate Stay Night. I din't actually knew about this story. If I'm not mistaken there were no mangga on this story. The characters and stories are derived from its game. It seems like there were alot of different ending for the storyline with each character end up being the last person standing in their fight. But the story revolves by the same six characters or so...

Rin getting laid. I never played the game before so I couldn't elaborate much of it. But I have a friend who's a real fan of it. He had actually done a research and can write a book on it. While the better well know character is Saber, the kings of all kings (according to the storyline).

In the anime, Saber was the leading main character. A reborned King Arthur with a cool Excalibur. Maybe I should get her figma? ^.^ Hope this month's budget allows.

Okay back to Rin. Her guardian was a sword smith according to the anime storyline that I watched. These are her two different swords which was made by him. But I don't understand why is he called Archer when he use knife... >.<" Shouldn't he be using bow instead?
The classical setup where a figma is boxed with. 8 sets of different hands, a person and the figma stand. The special items that come with it is the two swords.

I usually see that people usually kneel their figmas if they don't want to use the figma stand to support. But then again, I think that's the nature of Japanese culture. They usually bow or kneel down indoors. :)

But if your figma is not so complicated. You can make it stand too. You just need to be patient to stand them. Sometimes try to set the head directions. Other time you can set the hands and feet to the right position.

I did mentioned she's angry at me right? Look she's pointing her knife at me now. >.<" *scare*
"You better not mess with me or I will slice you like a cake. You know the sharpness of this knife don't you... " *gulp* -.-"

"Alright. Back to your blog! Don't slack this time. Or I will just skin you alive!"

This is Rin Tosaka. The great magician.

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