Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kopi-O Adventure

Previously I blogged about my visit to my cousin's place. Continuing on the journey...It was too boring staying in the palm oil estate. So we decided to tunnel out and find for what the local is famous for.

First up was this coffee house. Our eldest uncle had called up my cousin a few time to order some coffee power! So we end up in this coffee factory which was regard as SUPERBLY GOOD by my uncle.

Kluang Kopi-O Cap TV! Yeah who would ever thought of a TV brand right? ^.^" Nevertheless, it's actually quite popular not only within the locals, but we also saw Singaporeans and Taiwanese dropped by to buy!

When we went in to the shop, the manager there mistaken us as some reporters because I brought my LX3 inside. They gave us a CD inside with all the photos and history and some promotional materials for write up. I think they had pre-arrangement with some magazine or newspaper for a write up. We returned them after clarify that we are just their customers. ^.^ Hey couz! We should go into the factory and take a tour right? It would be cool to do so! Kekeke...

They prepared their coffee mostly in instant packaging. I guess people now is either too lazy to make their own drink or have less time for it. But I would say, you can only differentiate its quality and taste if only they do it for you isn't it? ;)

Still, if you prefer the traditional way of brewing your own coffee. You can opt for the coffee power! ^.^ Noticed that all its packaging written Kopi-O? Yup. They are famous for its coffee without milk or creamer. Otherwise it wouldn't taste like its famous Kopi-O isn't it? ^.^

I noticed that alot of small towns in the southern region are famous for their coffee powder. People would purposely travel/ordered their coffee from these township. But you don't usually hear or order such brands of coffee in big cities. I think city guys prefer Starbucks, Coffee Beans, Arabian Coffee (McD), etcs which are so westernized and expensive! ^.^

Yeap! That's the big logo sign there! TV Brand. I guess the founder likes to watch television or he got inspired when he noticed people who watch TVs at that time likes to drink coffee or who drinks coffee likes to watch TV. Have you seen any coffee brand that's LCD or PC? ^.^"

P/S: Dear colleagues. I've placed 1 bag of kopi-o in the cabinet intended to share with you guys. Please don't be shy to take it if you want to try. No harm changing taste from the usual nescafe? ^.^

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