Saturday, May 30, 2009

Back to Nature Adventure

Running on more adventures... There weren't much things to do in town. Except for shopping malls, the rest of the place are either industrial areas or greeneries. So me and couz decided to run around and do some exploration.

Shot this scene when I noticed this pack of woods are so tall up and grow together. As they say, birds of a feather flock together, trees of the same species grow side by sides. ^.^"

We went to the town outskirt to explore and we came to a its recreasional area. Can't really remember its name. It's something like a Gunung something Recreasional Park. They have a water park right beneath the hill foot. But we aren't here for swimming we decided to pass it and walk up the hill.

Yes, jungle tracking. The area wasn't actually well maintain. But they sure have many facilities there.

There's this air walker equipment prepared by the local council for people to exercise. This scene reminds me of my couz naming himself Jonathan Skywalker after being inspired by the Star Wars Trilogy. ^.^ There's another photo which portray him working hard on the machine. But then I did not upload it coz it's kind of repetition. You know why he gotta work so hard? The reason is the thingy at his left hand. Click on the photo and look closer and you will understand why... ^.^

They have this hanging bridge connecting across the mountain. As you can see, all not well maintained with fungus and algae growing on. There's even doodads as well. What a great piece of artwork!

Yup. That's my couz. He's doing the monkey stunts again. I guess staying in the jungle really turn you back into nature isn't it?

The bridge is long connecting to the other side of the hill. Below there were only a small stream flowing by. It wasn't anything to shout about. The water wasn't really clean either. There were alot of rubbish thrown in and it's really sux!

Travelling further up, the water is much clearer but it's still small. This picture that you see is only 3 feet wide! You can see they actually connected a black PVC water pipe up. I didn't travel up further since it was so tiring and the weather had began to turn hot. I wonder if the stream is man made, and the stream water is actually the water connected from the pipe! ^.^"

When you saw this picture, what would you have thought? That I'm standing on the edge of a dangerous cliff, doing some photography stunt, risking my life to take a smooth picture of a big waterfall for you guys to see? And probably win some National Geography Photo awards and join the professional photographer guilds? Nah! Dream on~ :P This is actually a macro shot! The so called waterfall was actually as big as your hand. And I'm really clinging on to a branch not to get my precious baby LX3 wet!

On our way back, saw this spider hanging on to some leaves. It suddenly strikes me that Robin had some fetish on doing such posts! Maybe I should take some and consult the master... ^.^ Show me the way master...

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