Saturday, May 23, 2009

Have you been to Kluang Rail Coffee?

Everytime I passed by Tesco Melaka, I'll always see numberous people sitting in the Kluang Station Coffee drinking coffee and eating laksa. Then I would wonder, coffee and laksa are just so common in Malaysia. Why are people paying such a premium price for such a simple food in Malaysia?!

Travelling down south, I sure have to passby this place. If not I couldn't say I've been to Kluang! Yes! It's the Kluang Rail Coffee! The one that you and I saw it in Tesco Melaka? That's a copy cat shop. The original Kluang Coffee comes from here!

The place is simply simple! With two shop lots located just in the railway station of Kluang. That's why it's called Kluang Rail(way) Coffee. Above is the kitchen where they make your coffee, tea, milo or whatsoever drinks that you ordered.

Here's the counter and food storage. They prepare your bread and mee siam or nasi lemak here. Simple isn't it? But look closely! They are using an LCD cashing machine to keep track of collections! High tech right in such a lowly shop. ^.^;;

The menu are pretty simple too! They offer all the usual coffee shop drinks: coffee, coffee-O, Tea, Teah-O, Milo, Milo-O.... The foods are basically, white toast bread with kaya and margarine, white toast bread with kaya and butter, brown toast bread with kaya and margarine, brown toast bread with kaya and butter. Period. That's all.

This is your teh-sii(milk tea with alot of milk) and this is your white coffee. Nothing grand and it cost you RM1.50. Cheap right? Compare to the one you drink in Tesco Melaka, definately!

And this is the settings. Nothing grand either. The place are tightly squeezed. Everybody have to be tolerance, give and take.

The other side. Tables are limited but plastic chairs are abundance. The main customers there are mostly Malays. Civil servants especially who stop by for a drink at around 3 something before going back to work.

Here's the brown bread with kaya and margarine. Two slices of brown bread cut into havles before served. The taste? Not bad actually! It's quite crispy and the kaya made it sweet~

And here's the white bread. Yeah, it doesn't seems white right? Well it's more like a bun bread actually. Inside is white that is. ^.^ Toasted crunchy before being swiped with juicy sweet kaya and tender-oily margarine. Yum yum~

Alright, I know some will say, "Wah! This will make me fat man! It's gonna add more colesterol to your blood vein!" >.<" Geez! Who cares, it's good food righ?! ^.^ Yummy! Itadakimasu! :P

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