Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fiery Shana

It's been a while since I last post an Otaku stuff. ^.^ Actually, I'm kind of broke and there weren't anything released that I want recently. Adding the fact that I'm either busy working or studying for my upcoming ACCA exam, time is so limited!

Nevertheless, no matter how busy I am, I still will spend my time with my love ones... My Figmas! :P Here's a review on my Shana.

It came in at the same time with Tohsaka Rin. There weren't much accessories packed inside so the box was kind of small.

Here's the back view of the box. I got this after getting inspired when I got Fate. Yes it's because of the sword. Currently there were only sword wielder in my collection. Fate-chan would be so lonely with nobody to play sword fighting with her. ^.^"

Shana's pack came with a katana, a face change and a melon pan. ^.^ Melon pan is her favourite bread. I'm not very sure were they sold in Malaysia, but it's very popular in Japan. Do pin point where I can get if you saw one.

Yosh! Take a portrait shot! Say melon cheese! ^.^

This sword is long! Over her head by how many times! I think this is more like a muramasa rather than a katana.

The sculpture had actually released two version of this figma. One which is this 1 with a red hair. Another is with black hair and different facial expression. The black hair one is selling at 20% ~ 30% more expensive this red hair and it's limited edition.

Yosh! Another shot here wielding the katana. Since I ain't willing to spend the money and the different isn't much, althought the black hair 1 seems cooler. I opt for the red one to save some money for my next purchase. ^.^

Sword wielding girls are quite popular among the Otaku circles. The animes that have swords wielding girls that I can remember are Shakugan no Shana, Sakura Wars, and Ga Rei Zero to name a few that I'm familiar with.

Shana-chan had actually followed me out a few times. I've taken pictures of her with food, playing and much more! I would say this is the easier figma to bring out then the others because of its shorter skirt which would make kneeling down much easier compare to balancing the figmas in standing position. Pictures would be upload later so stay tune. ^.^

"Yoroshiku-neh!" ^.^

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