Monday, May 11, 2009

Noisy and Furious Cars

The Fast & Furious were shown in the cinemas weeks ago. Lucky I get to catch up before the movie being taken down. And this was the photo I snapped when I was inside the movie...

Ops! Not this one... ^.^;; It's this one...

Kitty Cat in the pink car...

It's interesting when you see people spends so much money on their car. Decorating them in all sorts of way.

The only thing that you see people doing things without considering their money, it's their passion.

Passion gives life a meaning.

Passion motivates one to push further, to go the extra miles.

Passion DRIVES people to the extreme.

That's why they said, a man of passion is a crazy man...

Friends can't imagine that I spend so much on my figmas. They don't understand why a big boy like me still play toys. Why do I still watch cartoons..?

But they can accept people spending millions on their photography equipments.

They can accept people spending so much on their clothes.

They can accept people spending so much on FOOD!

They can accept people who spend lots and lots of money on their facial products.

But can't accept me being an Otaku. ^.^;;

They think that they me am immature, at this age still playing toys and watching animes.

But in actual fact, it is them who are immature. They can't accept other people's thought other then their own thinking.

As long as you're not hurting anyone, as long as you're not hurting yourself.

Just live the life you want. Live the passion...

So what's your passion?

Living a life without passion is just like living a life without an aim.

While many thought that their aim in their life is family, do they actually understand this statement...?

Enough crapping. Time to drive.

Snapped these photos in a recent autoshow in my town. These machine are powerful! They can lights up the streets, open a concert and even attracts the CHICKs with their Hello Kitties~!

So you got something to drive? ^.^

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