Thursday, May 14, 2009

Random Garden Shots

Snapped these photos during my modeling session with Wish. If you wanna see my portrait photos you can go over to her blog for more.

I've actually been here trice for photography session. Everytime with different models. And I still like this setting. My model would sit here and I will be taking from different angle. I've actually got praised for "making her legs long" in one of my session. ^.^;;

It was a sunny day. The weather was very hot. Too bad the trees were shady enough and we always had to run here and there for cover.

Though, looking up the tree you can't see the bright sun. But the sky is all white. This kind of tree don't give much shade do they?

One of my best photo. Glowing white.... name that flower. ^.^;;

Do you think this is a ditch or a small river? Nice clear reflection don't they...?

Trees along the walking pavement beside the lake. As you can see the area was cleanly swept. Kudos for those who maintain this area.

This scene gives you a reminiscence of your childhood time... Ah! I feel like wanna go play!

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