Tuesday, June 2, 2009

More Coffee Please

Once the sucess of Old Town Franchise, there were many high class coffee shops had popped out everywhere across the country. There's this Old Taste, Kluang Station, Uncle John and many more! Coffee had became a fad. It's a trend now and it's a lifestyle.

Was strolling around in a near empty Batu Pahat Mall. There wasn't much to offer. Seems like the economy is really bad in this area and there were many empty slots up for rent. We came to a cafe which the name was quite foreign to us.

The Dagan Rengit Coffee house. I'm not very sure weather the Dagan is the brand name and Rengit Coffee is the company name or vice versa. Never really asked in detail. The waiter who serves us also can't tell us much.

According to the waiter, it is an indonesian brand. The coffee beans are basically imported from Indonesia, brewed here and serves here. ^.^" The difference between the coffee there and the coffee there? Nobody can tells. I guess coffee just taste the same way like coffee always do! ^.^

We sat outside the interior part to watch the flowing traffic outsides. (Actually is because my cousin wanna smoke). Things were slow in BP. The day were cloudy. Nothing special in there.

It seems like the coffee house doesn't have much customer either. You can see all the tables and chairs neatly arranged, untouched. Come to think about it, the settings are actually not bad. Chairs are made from those rattans, coloured with dark brown green. The tables are also in dark green made of solid wood.

Serving time was okay. Not too fast nor slow either. Their packaging were similar to those Starbucks, Coffee Bean type kind of serving. All prepacked in a plastic cup nicely with a cap on.

The taste? White coffee taste lor! It's not black coffee so obviously it taste milky coffee. ^.^ I still prefer Nesspresso and Cappucino!

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