Monday, March 9, 2009

Life as an Auditor

A scene at work during the weekends.

Been working as in Deloitte for 4 months now, going in to the fifth. It's getting harder and harder to keep this blog posted and updated since the peak periods. Most of the post are being scheduled earlier for posting. Some of the post are even not that original anymore. Nevertheless, it's still enjoying to blog. ^.^

Everyone is so busy working...

Many who had not seen me for quite a long time might want to ask how have I been doing. How's my work? I would say, Work's like Marriage. Why so? Well, When you first start work, it's just like honey moon. You are so excited, there's alot of things to try and it's a new environment. I went in during a non-peak period whereby there wasn't much work and we were sent for trainings. It was like back to school again.

But life's after that wasn't that rosy anymore. Work getting piled up, deadlines getting shorter and shorter and sleeps getting lesser and lesser. It's just like you have your newborn. You have to take care of your baby everytime. Then you won't get enough sleep because you have to stay up at night to feed her...

Your main activity for your life is:
1. wake up
2. eat & shit
3. work
4. eat & shit again
5. back to work
6. eat & shit some more
7. continue your work
8. sleep
9. repeat step 1 to 8 again everyday
and occassionally, probably you get to do
10. talk craps. But the rest, the life cycle still goes on...

But things are not all that bad. Sometimes at the end of the day, you get to look back at your accomplishment. For which, I've yet to reach that state yet though. Nevertheless, there's always ups and downs in our life. I just wish that when I reach my retirement age, I would have at least a secured pension.. But with this current economy and current market crisis, I think I would end up penniless. So much for life... Lolx. ^.^

A thank you note from our senior.

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