Friday, March 6, 2009

My Manager Had Resigned!

6 days after his resignation, I'm blogging about my manager. Yes, my manager had left after more then a decade working in Deloitte, he decided he has enough of here and left.

Truthfully, I know very little about my boss. The first time I met him was during the time I'm applying for a job in here, Deloitte Melaka. He's the one who had interviewed me and recruited me. It wasn't a smooth interview though but in the end all ends well.

After the interview, I seldom see him again. Yes I do see him, but it's just that we seldom spoke to each other anymore. ^.^;; He was always busying in his room, and I on the other hand, got alot of things to learn and do as well. Only occassionally, we bump into each others in the men's room. Not much of words though.

1 month before his resignation, I receive three queries from my friends and relative asking where is he going? I just shrug. Seriosly till now, I only know that he's just going to a medium firm as a audit manager there. The rest I'm not sure.

But just imagine, although I've known this news for quite some time, it's amazing that people are coming to me and question about my boss resignation when I haven't even tell them anything. This proves that my boss's network is really wide.

Apart from that, he's a great father. He has a daughter so playful and cute that he always played with her whenever they are together. It's a pity that I don't have a good camera to capture those lovely moments. If not I might win some prizes if I submit it to some photography competitions. ^.^

After spending 4 months in the company, I resembled one of my ex-boss during my training times. Usually isolated in their room, busying with their own stuffs. But will generously offer their help when asked. Looks so high up in status, but is always friendly.

Lastly, I wish that all the best in his future undertakings and enjoy his work in his next job. Good Luck Jerry.

Photos are taken during the farewell dinners for our boss. Had ikan bakar in Muara Sg Duyong. Food there was like the usual malay cookings. But super expensive. They don't give discounts. A lot of big shots people for their dinners, celebrations, etc.

As you can see the photos above all have smiling face on it. However it din't last long when the bill came to RM700++ for a meal of 22. It would come to about the same if we were having our meal in a restaurant. Learnt the lesson. ^.^;;

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