Friday, March 27, 2009

Ikea Chair.

Went over KL the other weekend to meet up some friends. Had always wanted to go Ikea to get a chair. But whenever I went there, its either I don't have the money to buy or it's not convenient to carry back.

However this time, I drove up and have the freedom to move around. Furthermore, I was lucky to have a friend to guide me there and back! If not, I would need to stay there overnight. >.<"
Out from the box

It has its name, and it's called Moses~ This is the back rest.

The package also came with a seat part...

... 4 wheels...

... an arrow-ed card board showing the directions?

...2 arm rest handle..

... a star-liked leg stand...

... a seat support...

... a plastic pillar and a pack of screws.

There wasn't a manual on how to fix the chair except this...

But things are easy. Just screw in the wheels below the 5 edges of the star stand and slot in the pillar in the middle.

Another part is to screw the support onto the seat. I find it easier to do it first before screwing the handles on its side.

The screws comes in the exact numbers. There's no extra so have to be wary not to lose any of them. ^.^;;

A closer look at the how it's being screwed in. Everything just fits right.

An alen key is being provided. And it's a good one. Not like those cheap plastic made type.

Just finished assembling the top part. The handle must be screw in first before fixing the back rest. Since I'm fixing it alone. Spent quite some time trying to fix it up with the weigh. -.-"

Finally, the chair is fixed. Now it would be more comfortable to watch animes in my com.

I also get some hangers for my trousers. These are suggested by my friend. Mum had been nagging about my overloaded wardrobes. I don't actually owns alot of clothes. But it just happend that wardrobe is too small the... ^.^"

And another mini ironing board. Mum's been complaining that the one at home is too light and not suitable. But in the end, it's left aside unopened as well.

This iron board is not only small and cute. But also came with a handle that you can hang it anywhere. Convenient isn't it?

The total amount of all these cost me a limb. >.<" Ikea really have the idea and design. But their price is also in Euro(x5)! Well, I guess you have to pay for the difference if you want something better... ^.^;;

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