Sunday, November 16, 2008

I'm in Deloitte

To some of my friends, yes the last time you hear about me I was in H.L.Lim. But now I've moved on. I'm in Deloitte Melaka now. Wow! Big 4! You would say. But don't get too excited yet! With bigger company comes bigger responsible no? ^.^

But really can finally can join one of the BIG 4 accounting firm in the world. And yes, my job is still the same. I am still an auditor. The young auditor is starting to take on the big bullies (Bigger corporate companies, MNCs + PLCs). <*Grins*>

Till now, this post is just an introductory page, will update more on my trip to the training in HQ Damansara Uptown and working experiences. ^.^ Yosh! Gambateh Joseph-kun! Oh yeah, and to those Deloitte colleagues that happend to dropby my blog, nice meeting you guys and girls! Let's work alittle bit harder! <*Grin*>

To know more about Big 4 and Deloitte, please wiki them.

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